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Wreak havoc on your favorite streamer’s game with Crowd Control



You’re streaming Sims to your loyal Twitch followers when suddenly a fire bursts into flames in the middle of your virtual home. When you try to put out the fire before the fire sims arrive, another flame appears out of nowhere. In Twitch chat, your fans are giggling – they’ve caused quite a stir in your Sim’s neighborhood, but as a creator, you have the last laugh. You just got paid.

With support for over 100 popular games, crowd control changes the way streamers engage their fans and also opens up exciting new ways to make money. By reverse engineering these games, Crowd Control has created user-friendly apps and plugins that allow fans to pay to run the event live on the creator. So, as a fan, you can summon enemies in Minecraft, create a rare shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Emerald, or make creator avatar tiny in Resident Evil 4. You can use micropayments to make the creator’s gameplay more difficult, or if you’re kind enough, you can give them a push to help them get out of a sticky situation.

Over 70,000 creators have already used Crowd Control, which started as a Twitch-only app and now, with the release of Beta 2.0, the app is available on YouTube, TikTok, Discord, and Facebook Gaming.

“It’s been a long road of technical hurdles and experimentation,” CEO Matthew “Jaku” Jakubowski told TechCrunch. “We have a really cool solution that will work on almost any platform.”

Jaku founded Warp World, the parent company of Crowd Control, after stepping down as director of cybersecurity at absorption. Warp World has developed other large-scale video game projects such as Turnip.Exchangewhat was in fashion when Animal Crossing: New Horizons was at its peak, but Crowd Control is by far his biggest tech project. At the moment, Warp World has raised a preliminary round of funding.

The obvious risk for any startup that replicates on other platforms is to become obsolete by those platforms themselves. Reference treefor example, last year it was estimated at $1.3 billion, but now the company can sweat: Instagram Expanded support for up to five links in bios. Even though Crowd Control’s technology is not patented, Jaku doesn’t think other companies can catch up.

“For someone to build a service like this at the speed we have and with the library we have… It will take some time,” he said. “I think we are in a good position as we have established ourselves in this area for over four years.”

If the game is not part of the Crowd Control library, developers can now implement fan-driven interactions in their games using the Crowd Control Developer Plugin, which is compatible with any game built with Unity, Unreal Engine, GameMaker Studio, and other engines.

“Because developers create things like this, it means almost instantaneous access to thousands of creators,” Jaku said. “Increasing replay value is always a big deal for gamers or developers – they need that screen time.” He said that a typical Unity developer could probably make his game compatible with Crowd Control in a matter of weeks, but he also saw how the developers handled it over the weekend.

Crowd Control currently holds 20% of fan payments to creators, which is the standard split for Twitch plugins. But now, as a multi-platform app, Crowd Control seems to be bypassing Twitch via the coin system. fan house have taken similar steps to bypass App Store fees and maximize creators’ profits.

“So $100 is $100 coins,” Jaku explained. “Instead of having these coins only available on one channel, that viewer will now have $100 worth of coins to spend on any channel.”

There are only ten people in Crowd Control, but most of them were creators themselves at some point. Jaku himself began streaming Super Mario Maker on Twitch in 2015 and rose through the ranks by becoming a Twitch partner. He then created the software that inspired Crowd Control to bring his Borderlands 2 streams to life in 2018.

“We are a passionate team,” Jaku said. “Everything we do, we do for creators.”


Community Spotlight 2023.05.13 – Giant Bomb



Welcome to the latest issue of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I, @zombiepie, once again have the honor of being your host as we look back at the best work the community has created over the past week.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: the local video player. As most of you know, the video player works for most people. Increasingly, problems with the video player and even podcasts are due to conflicts with cookies on the site. Current workaround:

  1. Clear all cookies
  2. Click Show Targets.
  3. Enable only “performance cookies”.

Keep in mind that there has been a full site update that should have done this for all accounts, but there seems to be a small subset of accounts that didn’t. If you’re on a mobile device and want to fix a problem, scroll down the page, or anywhere you can find this, and look for “do not sell my personal information” button below. By clicking on it, select performance cookies.

If none of these steps helped AND updating the whole site didn’t solve the problem completely, please leave a comment here. Anyone reading this should be aware that the engineering team is not considering this workaround as a permanent solution and will have several meetings this and next week to develop a permanent solution. Also, it doesn’t seem to work for everyone, and so applications you’ve submitted in previous weeks will still be treated as high priority.

Some of you may have noticed that the Bombcast archive was released late, and this is due to the May 9, 2023 Bombcast episode being recorded in person and Ian needs to catch a plane home almost immediately after the podcast ends..

As for the positive news, let’s give Mike Minotti a round of applause for piloting your first quick view on the site! Speaking of funny videos, our sister site GameSpot has some videos that you can watch when you have some free time. Here’s a handy list for anyone interested:

I might skip a series or two and I won’t be doing this every week, but maybe this will inspire you to at least consider subscribing to a GameSpot YouTube account. With that in mind, let’s move on to the latest Community Spotlight.



RoboMitch + “Dan is good, the penis is evil!” (From: @jearum)

The art is titled “Your move, bastard!” and this is the best way to present RoboMitch fan art!

jearum also decided to pair the Giant Bomb with the original Zardoz artwork. Truly the mark of a genius.

Title not specified

The Beatles 2: All the Georgie Harrisons (TO: @CreakyLegs)

This is going to sound crazy, but what if the “top four” of the current members of Giant Bomb were members of the musical group The Beatles, but they were all George Harrison? Well, welcome to the creaky feet mind!



The GB Album Club 031 – 1984 by Van Halen (From: @unclejam23)

Time to talk about REAL CLASSICS!

Hey music lovers! The latest edition of the Album Club is dedicated to Van Halen’s 1984 album! If you have any thoughts on the venerable classic, leave a comment in the thread below and see how you can suggest future picks!

Immortality is the 10th game of the second year of the UUGPGC. Complete by May 22nd. Mark all spoilers! +

Oliya is the 9th game of the 2nd year of UUGPGC! Welcome! Complete by May 8, 2023. Mark all spoilers! (From: @bigsocrates)

Immortality is the 10th game choice for the Giant Bomb Community Game Pass Game Club! If you have any non-spoiler impressions of this controversial game, feel free to share them in the first linked thread. Also, don’t forget that Olija is the 9th game selected for the second season of the Community Game Pass and its discussion thread is open for SPOILERS! Discuss all the juicy details about the game!


Booking: Music at Norwood Suite (From: @gamer_152)

There's no denying that everything Cosmo D does has an appearance.
There’s no denying that everything Cosmo D does has an appearance.

Norwood Suite by Cosmo D is a bittersweet reflection of both the absurd pleasure of playing music and the onerous demands it places on performers. Find out how the game tackles this topic in the latest blog from moderator Gamer_152!

The gift that keeps on giving (From: @infantpipoc)

It’s time for another sci-fi book review from infantpipoc, and this time it’s all about Alfred Bester’s On the Stars, My Goals! If you’ve never heard of this novel or would like some suggestions, click the link!

What is the best video game: Goldeneye 007 (From: @imunbeatable80)

Is there a person in the world who will benefit from playing GoldenEye in 2023?
Is there a person in the world who will benefit from playing GoldenEye in 2023?

Do you have any reason to play GoldenEye 007 in 2023? That’s the gist of imunbeatable80’s latest post “What’s the best video game” here on Giant Bomb!

May Generosity: Week 1+

Megaarchiv: Part XXXII: From Ultraman to Snow Bros. +

Indie Game of the Week 319: Far: Lone Sails (From: @mento)

No wonder I get this link.
No wonder I get this link.

Every May Moderator Mento usually holds a seasonal game backlog cleanup session. This time they decided to hit the games they got through charity kits released by!

Additionally, with the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Mento talks about former Nintendo rival Sega as part of his Sega Mega Drive/Genesis blog retrospective!

And finally, the latest edition of Mento’s Indie Game of the Week is dedicated to FAR: Lone Sails! Find out all about why they think the game demonstrates a mastery of quiet moments and a great sense of tone and place.

Topics of discussion

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom First Impressions Theme (From: @tartyron)

I have shocking news.  A lot of people are talking about this game.
I have shocking news. A lot of people are talking about this game.

This is by far the biggest talking point in gaming, but what are your first impressions of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Have you enjoyed the big world including the sky and the underworld? What is the frame rate for you? Any interesting finds you’re happy to share?

What are your expectations for PlayStation Showcase 2023? (From: @gtxforza)

What are YOUR predictions and hopes for PlayStation Showcase 2023? What are your “big swings” and “safe bets”? Join the rest of the Giant Bomb community and share your predictions by leaving a comment in the thread.

Age Of Wonders 4 discussion thread (From: @karlhungus01)

Have any of you tried it?
Have any of you tried it?

How many of you have checked out Age of Wonders 4? Do you have a favorite build or strategy? If you have any early or final opinions about the game feel free to share them in the thread above.

Do you “value” a game less if you don’t pay for it? (From: @sombre)

Here’s a discussion thread on the forums for those of you using Game Pass: Do you “value” a game less if you don’t pay for it? Do you think that streaming has led to the growing perception that games are one time use?

“Bad” AAA games of recent years (From: @cozmicaztaway)

Failure doesn't even fit the description of this game.
Failure doesn’t even fit the description of this game.

What are the biggest flops and flops of AAA games in recent times? Some people talk about Gotham Knights and Babylon’s Fall, but can you think of other big games that haven’t been released in the last ten years? disappeared – [Pour One Out] (From: @monkeyking1969)

TigerDirect’s Internet presence is dead. Join the rest of the community and offer one option for one business that has always been ready to meet your corporate or legacy technology needs. Do you have any memories of the company?

Do animals have an accent? (From: @sombre)

Pour one for one of the last box stores where you could find CRT and VGA cables.
Pour one for one of the last box stores where you could find CRT and VGA cables.

I was browsing this forum thread called “Do animals have an accent?” and the OP explains what they mean and don’t know what to answer. Do you have thoughts that you would like to share? Leave a comment on the topic!

User Reviews

Was this the best ending for Kiryu?
Was this the best ending for Kiryu?

@yyninja’s Yakuza 6: Song of Life the review explains why they still think the game isn’t the stratifying ending to the Like a Dragon/Kiryu Yakuza era games it should have been.


Blue characters (From: @jacobproper1)

Wait, is Xian-Ko really supposed to be on this list?  Her blue skin is identified due to her being dead and being a zombie.
Wait, is Xian-Ko really supposed to be on this list? Her blue skin is identified due to her being dead and being a zombie.

Last week JacobProper1 compiled a list of all the video games where you can control a character with green skin or fur, and this week they decided to make a list of characters with blue skin or fur! Help them!

Wiki of the Week


Find out about when Ganon had a strong bar energy on the Giant Bomb!
Find out about when Ganon had a strong bar energy on the Giant Bomb!

Link has received approval before, but our character page for his main antagonist has an equally impressive character page that provides a comprehensive overview of his many incarnations and appearances in the series.

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Zelda Breaks Records and Becomes Biggest UK Boxed Game Release This Year



The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the biggest boxed video game release of the year in the UK.

According to our sister site GamesIndustry.bizmaking it the series’ biggest launch week in the UK, surpassing even early game launches such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which were only physically available at the time.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Review – TEARS OF THE KINGDOM

Tears of the Kingdom’s instant pole position ousts Hogwarts Legacy from first place as the biggest boxed game of the year and moves Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to third place, according to GI and British charter company GfK.

Interestingly, Breath of the Wild’s sales also rose, rising from 19th place last week to 8th this week. The only other new entry on the boxchart is TT Isle of Man: Ride, which debuts at #31.

While it’s not the biggest Switch launch in terms of unit sales — that record remains with last year’s Pokémon Scarlet and Violet — Tears of the Kingdom is already the fourth-biggest Zelda game of all time behind Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess. and Breath of the Wild.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, however, is the biggest Switch release in terms of revenue, outselling Scarlet and Violet by 8 percent, which was attributed to the game’s expensive limited edition.

ICYMI, Metacritic has finally made The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom available to user reviews, and over three hundred players have left mixed negative reviews, citing that the sequel doesn’t address its predecessor’s perceived issues, too many performance issues, or , according to some players, is simply “boring”.

As you might expect, this is countered by hundreds of rave reviews and excellent 10/10 scores that praise the game’s many activities, its impressive world, and its story.

In our Eurogamer review of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we called the sequel “an amazing follow-up to Breath of the Wild with some shiny new systems, stunning views and lots of dungeon-type spaces, and a slightly killer focus on gathering resources”, giving it a 4 stars out of 5.

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What’s the wildest and weirdest thing you’ve done in Tears of the Kingdom?



Wile Coyote heads to Hyrule

We are three days old The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomwhich has certainly seen many players dive into Hyrule’s latest adventure. A big part of this new entry is building: being able to build and break things in equal measure thanks to the power of the Ultrahand.

No wonder everyone built some weird, weird things with him. Cars and planes seem almost banal compared to what I have seen. Take, for example, the Giant with the Rocket Appendage. You can guess which appendage the flame has.

The experiments are not limited to Link. The new Koroks with backpacks became crash test dummies for the reckless inventions of the courageous hero.

Even in the shrines, I find myself not content with functionality but gravitating toward the absurd. All of the physics-based possibilities in this space are filled with comedic slapstick vibes, and it’s supremely satisfying to pit these systems against each other.

ace Tears of the Kingdom continues and I keep discovering more and more Zonai tools, the possibilities seem endless. At first, a simple car was a surprise. But with the construction of flame-spewing trucks and exploding room lasers, Hyrule seems like a whole world of design and invention awaits you.

So, to the Destructoid community, I turn to: what is the weirdest thing you have done so far? Share your inventions, successful or not, in the comments below and help track the shared imagination. I hope to find sparks of inspiration for my next Korok delivery system.

Eric Van Allen

Senior News Reporter. Although Eric has been writing about games since 2014, he has been playing them for much longer. Usually found in RPG battles, digging into indie gems, or hanging out at Limsa Aethryte.

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