Where to buy the viral lip gloss that TikTok almost sold out of End-shutdown

if we can count on Tik Tok for anything, is to determine which beauty the products are worth it. When Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Lip Gloss took everyone’s #FYP by storm, it was because of the lipstick formula was unique and unexpected. Now, there are more than 85 million visits under the #revlonglashine hashtag.

“I like to describe it as a lipstick and lip gloss having a baby,” she said. catalina abreua beauty content creator on TikTok who refers to the product as “the perfect everyday lipstick.”

Like most things that have gone viral, these lipsticks have become notoriously hard to find, especially in some of the more popular colors like toast glasses other rum with raisinswhich is currently only available on the Revlon website.

like an amazon reviewers She said it: “Whenever I was in a store that sold it, I would always visit the cosmetics aisle and buy everything in there. I rarely found more than two tubes, usually finding my shade (and several others) permanently out of stock.”

If a trip to your local drugstore has yielded similar results, don’t get discouraged just yet. You can still buy some shades online at Amazon and Walmart.

you can buy the Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick from Amazon for about $6, or from walmart for about $8.

Unlike most traditional glosses, Abreu said these lipsticks are never sticky, instead feeling “juicy, buttery and comfortable on the lips.”

Canadian makeup artist and TikTok beauty enthusiast gabby simpson agreed that the best-of-both-worlds approach is a big part of the lipstick’s appeal. She said this is a departure from many of the pigmented, but drying, matte lip products that previously dominated the industry.

“Now I realize we’re looking at glossy formulas that don’t compromise pigmentation, and Revlon lipsticks are definitely more pigmented than a traditional lip gloss,” Simpson said.

He added that the pharmacy price doesn’t hurt either. In fact, several users on TikTok have reclaimed that these work similarly to the much more expensive Hourglass Phantom Glossy Balma luxurious lip product known for its hybrid gloss formula that plumps and hydrates.

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