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Tucker Carlson reportedly pissed off Fox by saving his best material for his lyrics



NEW YORK (Borowitz Report) – Tucker Carlson sealed his fate at the Fox News Channel by saving his best material for his lyrics, a recently leaked net memo reveals.

According to a memo written by Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch, Carlson violated his contract by stuffing his lyrics with “premium fascist content” that was supposed to be used on his show.

“The cable news business is more competitive than ever,” Murdoch wrote. “Every drop of hatred and poison that our personalities produce must be put into their programs.”

The memo indicated that Carlson’s reckless decision to squander his most blatantly racist comments in his lyrics led to a revision of Fox’s policy.

“Going forward, there will be zero tolerance for any expression of vile, disgusting sentiment that Fox cannot monetize,” Murdoch wrote.

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Pom Klementieff: Buried Guardians Vol.3 Post-Firing James Gunn Script



Marvel’s scripts are always top secret, but Guardians of the Galaxy star Pom Klementieff has almost taken it to the next level by burying his Vol. 3″ screenplay in co-star Karen Gillan’s garden. Klementieff joined the Marvel franchise as Mantis in Part 2. After James Gunn was initially fired as director of Guardians 3 due to the scandalous jokes he made on Twitter in the past, the two actors met in private to read Gunn’s script.

“I came to Karen’s house and it was at a time when James Gunn was no longer supposed to be in the film.” – Klementieff. told IndieWire. “So we decided to read the script together and wept all the time.”

“We laughed at the same time and then we cried again,” Gillan added. “It was pretty emotional.”

“And then I got paranoid that someone would find the script. So I thought, “We should hide the script.” Maybe we should bury it in the garden,” Klementyev said. “I like to hide things and then I can’t find them. I’m like a squirrel. This is one of my problems.”

Gillan confirmed the revelation, saying, “She legitimately asked me to bury the Guardians of the Galaxy script in my garden. And I’m like, “What do you mean? Put it in a closet or something!”

Klementieff and Gillan joined their Guardians co-stars Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker. signing an open letter to Disney in July 2018, which urged the studio to reinstate Gunn as director of Vol. 3″. Neither cast wanted to make a sequel without a writer-director.

“We fully support James Gunn,” the open letter says. “We were all shocked by his sudden dismissal last week and deliberately waited these ten days to respond, to think, pray, listen and discuss. During this time, we have been encouraged by the outpouring of support from fans and members of the media who wanted James reinstated as Volume 3 director, as well as discouraged by those who are so easily fooled into believing in many outlandish conspiracy theories. Around him.”

“His story is not over yet – by no means,” the letter says about Gunn. “There is little due process in the court of public opinion. James is probably not the last good man to face trial. Given the growing political divide in this country, it’s safe to say that cases like this will continue, although we hope that Americans from across the political spectrum can tarnish their reputation and stop using the Mafia mentality as a weapon.”

Gunn was ultimately reinstated as director, although he agreed to write and direct the Warner Bros. movie in the meantime. and DC Suicide Squad. The upcoming Guardians 3 marks Gunn’s swansong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he moves to direct DC Studios, where he’s writing and directing the new Superman movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 hits theaters nationwide on May 5th from Disney.

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What are the benefits and potential risks of drinking apple cider vinegar?



Studies show that fermented apples or apple cider vinegar can help improve metabolism in those who are struggling with being overweight.


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Jay Leno Brings Donuts to Striking Writers



Jay Leno found a sweet way to show solidarity with the writers on strike across Hollywood on Tuesday.

The late night legend ensured he wasn’t empty-handed when he visited people picketing outside the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California.

Leno was greeted with a crowd of applause as he handed out boxes of donuts to demonstrators who began leaving Hollywood studios just hours after the strike began at midnight.

Members of the Writers Guild of the American West and the Writers Guild of the American West stopped work early Tuesday after contract negotiations with the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance, which represents studios and streaming companies, stalled.

Leno definitely knows the impact a strike can have. His show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno aired reruns of much of the 2007–2008 WGA strikes that lasted 100 days. (HuffPost Staff Union represented by WGAE.)

Initially, the comedian supported treat delivery to writers outside Universal Studios at the start of the strike in November 2007.

His show returned without a writer in early January 2008, and the WGA reached an agreement with the studios on February 12.

Jay Leno at the 2015 NBCUniversal TCA Beverly Hills Summer Tour (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, file)

This time around, Leno wasn’t the only known person seen on the picket line.

Natasha Lyonne of Poker Face and Rob Lowe of Parks and Recreation walked out of Paramount’s Los Angeles office.

Community’s Jillian Jacobs, comedian Ike Barinholtz, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator and star Rachel Bloom shared photos from pickets in Los Angeles. Similarly, SNL alum Aidy Bryant and stand-up comedian Wanda Sykes were spotted demonstrating in New York.

Writers are at odds with studios over deteriorating working conditions in the industry. Among their concerns are the formulas behind residual payments, the studios’ AI policy, and the use of gig-economy-style “mini-rooms” for streaming shows.

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