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The life and career of Jamie Foxx: see photos of the Oscar-winning actor, musician



Happy birthday Jamie Foxx! On December 55, the singer, comedian and actor will turn 55 years old. 13, 2022. To celebrate, we take a look at his best career photos.


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The Final Survivor Season-44 Power Rating



The final Survivor 44 just around the corner and there are only six castaways left as we head to the penultimate episode next week. Looking back at my post-merger rankings, four of my top six picks are still in place (Carson, Heidi, Yam-Yum and Caroline), while Jaime and Lauren (my lower ranked players) are still hanging in there. .

But who is in the best position to earn the title of Sole Survivor? That’s what I’ll be looking at today in this updated strength ranking of the six remaining players, organized from most likely to least likely to win. You can view previous post-merger ratings here and prime power ratings here.

1. Caroline (⬆️ out of 5)
I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a castaway as shamelessly as Caroline. Her approach to the game is raw and unfiltered; she is not afraid to show emotion or vulnerability. These things can often be harmful in survivorbut Caroline did it. Her brutal honesty and strange quirks are part of her charm, and are even admired by her playmates. On top of that, she’s smarter than she looks, and others are beginning to understand (and even appreciate) this, which could lead to winning the game if she makes it to the final tribal council.

2. Yam Yam (⬆️ out of 3)
If it’s not Caroline, then it must be one of the former Tiki members. This entire season has been the story of the Tic Three and how they came to merge, outnumbering them but maneuvering and positioning themselves in a strong position. Yam Yam himself has gone from an early merger target to a player loaded with social capital. Thanks to his humor and warm nature, he made friends from different tribes. Put this man before the jury; he will make them eat from his hands. The question is whether the other five will let him in there.

3. Carson (⬇️ of 1)
Possibly the more level-headed member of the Tick Three, Carson played well from the middle position, acting behind the scenes and telling the right lies to move forward. The problem is that others are starting to pick up on his strategy, which will make his path to the end much more difficult than his two closest allies.

4. Heidi (⬇️ of 2)
At the start of the season, I was pretty high on Heidi, even with her limited editing. She had strong allies and a good reading of the dynamics. But these past couple of weeks have not been the best for her. Even though she found an idol, she ended up on the wrong side in voting for Franny last week and in voting for Danny this week. It seems that her tribesmen do not trust her and do not particularly respect her game. However, if she can make a splash with this idol anytime soon, there is still hope.

5. Lauren (⬆️ out of 10)
With one of the quietest changes of the season, it’s hard to see how Lauren wins this game. She had several sweet moments, notably her victory in the immunity challenge and a heartfelt letter from home from her father. But we were never given a true picture of her strategy or her path to the end.

6. Jaime (⬆️ out of 8)
Jaime is a funny character, always upbeat and drenched in experience. But her entire storyline was about her terrible readings in the game, especially her fake idol (who she thought was real). Every time Jaime thinks she’s taken a step forward, the rug kicks out from under her feet. Do not misunderstand me; she would be an entertaining winner! But unless there is a strong amulet in her magic wand, I don’t see it happening.

Destroyed survivors and their previous ratings: Matt (9), Brandon (7), Kane (6), Frannie (4) and Danny (11).

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Michael J. Fox on living with Parkinson’s: “I broke that elbow. I break this hand



Michael J. Fox details what life was like with Parkinson’s disease and related health issues.

“I broke that shoulder – they replaced it.” he told Variety in an interview published on Thursday. “I broke this elbow. I broke this arm. I had an infection that almost cost me a finger. I broke my face. I broke this humerus. And that sucks.”

The actor’s illness was diagnosed in 1991, but he kept it a secret. Since then he has founded Michael J. Fox Foundation and raised over $1 billion in funding. Fox told Variety that he is “still excited to join this day and be a part of things.”

“I just enjoy the little mathematical problems of existence,” he said. “I love waking up and sorting it out and at the same time being with my family. My problem is that I’m falling. I trip over things, fall and break things. And that’s part of having it.”

Fox said that “being an optimist” means hoping “not to break so many bones tomorrow”. People with Parkinson’s face an increased risk of death from falls or pneumoniaamong other medical issues, according to the Fox Foundation.

Michael J. Fox attends the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease Research Gala at Cipriani South Street on Saturday, October 10th. September 29, 2022, New York.

Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

The disease can be identified by a simple hand tremor and “affects the nervous system”. according to Mayo Clinic. This can cause muscle stiffness, impaired speech, and uncontrolled movements.

Although the actor has played small roles in shows like Scrubs and Curb Your Enthusiasm in the last two decades, he officially stopped acting in 2020. Guggenheim reportedly spent a year with Fox to observe and interview him for an upcoming documentary.

“Since I announced my diagnosis, I have received more awards and nominations,” Fox said. “People may treat me badly, but I prefer to look at it as an acknowledgment that I’m pursuing a legitimate career.”

Fox’s transition from Hollywood star at the height of his fame to philanthropist was spectacular. He even joked about it on Curb, but he was never shy about words.

“But no matter how much I sit here and talk to you about how I took it philosophically and took on his weight, Parkinson’s is still kicking my ass,” he said. “I won’t win this. I want free. but there is much to be gained by losing.

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Bong Joon Ho’s ‘Mickey 17’ Gets Trailer And Release Date



Here’s a first look at Parasite director Bong Joon Ho’s new film.

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