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Where conditions and opportunities are low, crime is high.

People who cross the border clearly have a reason to risk their lives and leave their homes, an opportunity. After all, we are the “greatest country in the world MÉRICA”, why wouldn’t they want to live here?

The cartels have so much power because they recruit people with no better options and then create a culture of fear and loyalty to those cartels. How do we solve this? walls? deportation? How about improving the quality of life of these people? The border wall does nothing. Most of the people who live here illegally came here legally through work visas or just visiting and just didn’t leave. We let them into the country the same way you might take a trip to Paris and just refuse to fly home and hope no one comes looking for them. Unless you’re saying that other countries should close their borders to us, then I don’t see a reason for a trip to Germany and enjoying cheap health care to be any different than a Mexican trying their luck with our quality of life. It is not difficult to disappear. .

What would have to happen to force you to leave your house with the clothes you are wearing, cross the border of a country and move there illegally? Because that’s what’s happening to a lot of people living in Mexico right now that pushes people to take risks here. On top of that, most of the drug trafficking is actually done by Americans. It’s much easier for the pale-faced Dave not to be searched by racist border guards than it is for Jośe.

What makes us so special that we must deny these people the luxuries we so happily enjoy?

To add to that, do you really think the cartels want to kill us with fentanyl? They don’t want us dead, they want us happy and addicted, so we’ll keep giving them money, dead customers are bad for business. No, the real reason someone is selling fentanyl is because Americans are willing to buy it. Regulate drugs like we do typical medicine, rehabilitate addicts, and improve the quality of life for Americans, and you’ll solve the Cartel problem. I vote to improve everyone’s lives, not to shit on unlucky foreigners.

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