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Priyanka Chopra and Jonas make lewd joke about Kate Middleton on new show



Amazon Prime’s espionage series was far from reverent towards the royal establishment at the time of the Duchess of Cambridge joke, which has long been the backdrop for Chopra Jonas’ dear girlfriend Meghan Markle.

The joke was made when the partner (played by Richard Madden) of Chopra Jonas’s character tried to convince the crime lord (played by Saint Monroe) to make a deal with the top brass in the military.

Starting with the spy’s huge question, the mobster replies, “Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces? You might as well ask me how to get between the Duchess of Cambridge’s legs.

Chopra Jonas’ close relationship with Markle is no secret.

The Bollywood star and the Duchess of Sussex first met at the Elle Women in Television dinner in 2016 and stayed in touch. Two years later, Chopra Jonas attended Markle’s lavish royal wedding to Prince Harry.

Chopra Jonas praised her friend in an essay on her rankings. Time list 100 in 2018, writing: “More than anything, Meghan is an important global influencer who needs strong public figures who can be respected and looked up to. People the world can be inspired by. Meghan standing shoulder to shoulder with Harry will be a princess to the people.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently involved in their own drama following the New York paparazzi incident last week. A rep for the couple said they were in a “nearly disastrous” car accident after being chased by photographers while riding in a taxi.

Their taxi driver story seemed to play down any danger. “I don’t think I would call it a chase,” the driver said. Sukcharn Singh told The Washington Post. “I never felt like I was in danger. It didn’t feel like a car chase in a movie. They were quiet and seemed scared, but this is New York – it’s safe here.”


David Zaslav booed at Boston University graduation due to writers’ strike



David Zaslav was met with boos and jeers during a speech Sunday at Boston University amid a Hollywood writers’ strike.

IN videos circulating on social mediagraduate students and protesters can be heard chanting “pay your writers” and shouting at the president of Warner Bros. Discovery when he talks about the lessons he has learned throughout his career. Photo aircraft flying over the ceremony, with a banner “David Zaslav – pay your writers”, which also circulated on the Internet.

Outside Nickerson Field, where the prom was being held, demonstrators carried signs reading “F*!# Zaslav! Solidarity with Writers. At the stadium, the graduates were holding posters with the inscription: “Who wrote your speech? GPT Chat? and “Ugh, David” is a reference to the Emmy-winning sitcom Shitt’s Creek. At least one student had “BU Students Support the Writers Guild of America” ​​written on their graduation cap.

In addition to performing at the graduation ceremony at the university, Zaslav received an honorary degree. The film industry executive studied law at Boston University in the 1980s before rising through the ranks at NBCUniversal and Discovery.

“I am grateful to my alma mater, Boston University, for inviting me to attend tonight’s prom and for awarding me an honorary degree,” Zaslav said Sunday in a statement provided to the Los Angeles Times. “As I have often said, I support the writers immensely and hope that the strike will be resolved soon and in such a way that, in their opinion, they recognize their worth.”

This is not the first time Zaslav has faced public scrutiny. The mogul came under fire last fall for his handling of the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery, which led to mass layoffs and the sudden termination of several projects. Among the victims was a Warner Bros. movie. and DC Studios’ Batgirl, which has already cost around $90 million to make.

Amid mounting criticism, Zaslav doubled down on the studio’s controversial decisions to scrap future games like Batgirl and remove existing content from its streaming platform.

“Let me be clear,” Zaslav said in November. “We didn’t get rid of any show that helped us.”

Six months later, a writers’ strike began after contract negotiations between the Writers Guild of America and the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance stalled. The WGA is demanding pay increases, residual income from streaming content, and increased union health and retirement plan contributions for its members.

At least one Warner Bros. Discovery, HBO’s “House of the Dragon,” continued filming during the shutdown after stockpiling scripts ahead of the strike. Popular series such as Netflix’s Stranger Things are on hold until the conflict is resolved.

Times staff writer Meg James another Associated Press contributed to this report.

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What is Ashwagandha and what does it do for the body?



Ashwagandha has been shown to help reduce stress, anxiety, and improve brain function. But are there side effects?


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Scandal stars Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn reunite for their 63rd birthday



Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn reunited this weekend, making Olitz fans reminisce about their Scandal days.

On May 20, Washington celebrated her former co-star’s 63rd birthday on Instagram by posting several photos of them together.

She uploaded three cute and silly selfieincluding one where Goldwyn pretended to stick his finger up her nose.

“I told @tonygoldwyn that #Olitz is trending on TikTok for his birthday,” she wrote in the caption.

Washington continued, “He’s obviously VERY excited,” referring to the third selfie.

At the end of the sweet tribute, she said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!!! I love you soooooooooooooooooo much! XOXOXOXOXO.” She also added the hashtag “ScandalFam”.

Fans in the comments couldn’t contain their excitement to see Olivia and Fitz get back together.

“We all love it. Happy Birthday Mr. President,” one fan wrote, referring to Goldwyn’s portrayal of President Fitzgerald Grant in Scandal.

Another wrote: “Ok, now we need a new season of Scandal” with a crying emoji.

Goldwyn and Washington continued to celebrate his special day on TikTok.

The star of the series “Fires Smoldering Everywhere” published video with Goldwyn, which started with her telling him how great he looked.

“You look so beautiful,” he replied.

She then asked, “Do you know we’re trending on TikTok these days?”

Goldwyn, who said he doesn’t use the social media platform, explained that a fan recently told him that Fitz and Olivia’s videos were going viral on TikTok.

So, in honor of his first appearance on a popular site, the actor asked the Scandal fans to share their favorite moment with Olits.

Washington then asked fans to answer an important question.

“Should Tony Goldwyn be on TikTok?” she asked before answering yes to her own question.

In the caption, the 46-year-old actress also encouraged fans to share their favorite Olice scenes on TikTok and later posted a poll on her Instagram story so her followers could vote on whether Goldwyn should join the platform.

Kerry Washington has a question for Scandal fans.Kerry Washington / Instagram

Under Washington’s TikTok video, one fan joked about how determined they were to see more of Goldwyn on the social network. “I would sell my kidney to have Mr. Tony Goldwyn on TikTok. Unfiltered and unlimited. Good afternoon lovely people,” wrote a fan.

Another pleaded with Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes to write another project for Washington and Goldwyn to star in.

Even though the last episode of the political drama aired in April 2018, diehard fans of the show are still enthusiastic when the actors interact with each other.

In January, Washington was practically reunited with Scott Foley, who portrayed her other love interest, Jake, on the show for her 46th birthday.

Currently viral. Video in TikTokwith over 4 million views, Washington called Foley, 50, on the phone while wearing a party hat and a crown that read, “It’s my birthday.”

At the end of the clip, which is a recreation of the scene from The Office, Foley said, “Happy birthday Kerry.”

Based on the comments, fans are still divided on whether Olivia should stay with Fitz or Jake.

“I am ashamed of the amount of excitement I experienced over this,” wrote one person. “I’ve always been Jake’s team for Olivia, not for the president.”

There is no word on whether the Olivia-Fitz-Jake love triangle debate will ever end.

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