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News Rrap: Sessions Insists He Didn’t Lie About Russia’s Senate Contacts




The Post also reported today on another incident. He quoted the father of a soldier killed in Afghanistan as saying the president offered $25,000 from his personal account but never did so.

We will learn more about all this after the news summary.

The death toll from the wildfires in Northern California has risen to 42 today. Sonoma County officials found the remains of the latest victim after searching hundreds of burned-out homes. Meanwhile, the fire brigades made new gains overnight thanks to cooler weather and lighter winds.

The two-time Olympian says she was sexually abused by a former doctor for the US women’s gymnastics team for years. McKayla Maroney is the most famous athlete involved in the scandal. In today’s statement, she said that Dr. Larry Nassar started hitting on her when she was only 13 years old. He is awaiting sentencing on charges of possession of child pornography, but denies any sexual harassment.

More questions about drug prices tonight. A new study found that the cost of injectable cancer drugs approved since 1996 has risen by an average of 25 percent over eight years. This is well above the rate of inflation. The study was conducted at Emory University and published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

And on Wall Street, health insurers and IBM caused stocks to surge today. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 160 points, more than half a percentage point, to close above 23,000 for the first time. The Nasdaq rose only a fraction and the S&P 500 rose two points.


The coronation of King Charles: an explanation of the outfits and medals of Prince Harry and other members of the royal family



As members of the royal family began to gather at Westminster Abbey for the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday, some of the most prominent personalities had particularly outstanding outfits on display.

Since the coronation was declared “Collar Day”, all members of the royal family could wear their most elaborate outfits (and collars) to showcase their position.

According to The Telegraph, Buckingham Palace has confirmed that they wear all the robes appropriate for the highest order of which they are members; Garter, Thistle or Royal Victorian Order (RVO).

Prince Harry

Harry was in morning dress and had a star around his neck, indicating that he is a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (RVO). This honors his outstanding personal service to the Commonwealth monarch.

His plinth also featured the Afghanistan Service Medal—a sign that he was an army captain—as well as gold, diamond, and platinum commemorative medals on the medal plinth.

Since he is no longer a working member of the royal family, he was not allowed to wear a military uniform.

Prince Harry arrives for the coronation of King Charles at Westminster Abbey, London, UK on May 6, 2023. Andy Stenning/Poole via REUTERS

Princess Anna

The royal princess wore her military uniform with a thistle robe made of dark green silk velvet.

She was also the Golden Stick in Waiting for the Day, a role Charles gave her on a special day in recognition of her years of service.

This meant that she would be responsible for the personal safety of the monarch and would lead the grand royal procession from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace, on horseback behind the king and queen in a golden carriage. The tradition dates back to the 15th century.

The Princess Royal arrives at Westminster Abbey
The Princess Royal arrives at Westminster Abbey

Jeff J. Mitchell via Getty Images

princess of wales

As Dame Cross RVO, Kate wore a Grand Cross gown of dark blue silk satin with scarlet inlays and white silk taffeta. Her headdress kind of stole the show.

Prince of Wales

William wore a cape with garters of deep blue silk velvet with white satin ribbons and lined with white taffeta.

It is very important. The Most Noble Order of the Garter is the oldest British order of chivalry and the world’s oldest national order of chivalry still in existence.

Prince and Princess of Wales

PHIL Noble via Getty Images

Prince Edward

Sophia, Duchess of Edinburgh

She wore the same robes as the Princess of Wales with the RVO Grand Cross Robe.

Prince Edward and his wife the Duchess of Edinburgh
Prince Edward and his wife the Duchess of Edinburgh

WPA Pooling via Getty Images

Prince Andrew

Despite not working for the royal family for several years, Andrew was in the robes of the Order of the Garter. Charles appears to have allowed him to wear a navy blue robe, a drastic change since last June when Andrew was banned from attending the Order of the Garter with his relatives.

However, he did not have a formal role in the coronation ceremony.

according to some reportshe was booed as he passed the grandstand in front of Buckingham Palace.

Prince Andrew with his daughter Princess Eugenie.
Prince Andrew with his daughter Princess Eugenie.

Dan Mullan via Getty Images

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How the gas stove became a problem for the liberal left



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If you were a real estate developer somewhere in New York, you would carefully monitor how Budget $229 billion an inch closer to the finish line. when is that What efinally passed it week, it made New York the first US state to ban gas heating and kitchen connections in most new buildings.

No later than 2029, these buildings must be decommissioned. use of natural gas as a fuel A big contribution to climate change. (In 2021, carbon dioxide emissions from burning natural gas amounted to 34% of all US CO2 emissions.) When planning an apartment building, McMansion, or office complex, developers will now have to swap induction cookers for gas stoves. “This is where our nation must ultimately come,” New York Governor K.ati hai st said. “But I want to make sure it’s not a bumpy road to crossover.”

Readers will not be surprised to learn that US Republicans have problems with this law, and how it starts on our freedom to cook food as we want. (There’s nothing wrong with the fact that the fossil fuel groups most affected by the gas bans are traditional supporters of Republican politicians.) So far 20 U.S. states passed laws barring any future gas bans, and nearly these are all red states. Jim Jordan, Republican Republican from Ohio, added a new creed to his party’s creed in January. when he tweeted: “Gods. gas stove guns

But the rough question of gas vs. induction is also It has unexpectedly polarized the left — which is perhaps not surprising, because the debate hits them hardest. A Morning Consult Survey 2022 found that 47% of respondents who cooked on gas stoves were Democrats and 39% were Republicans. State with the highest proportion of houses Use of gas stoves – real blue California, and then the same blue New Jersey. And, if only stereotypes are to be followed, gas stove injunctions are affecting the foodie habits of well-traveled coastal liberals.

The California Restaurant Association knew this all too well. In petitioning against Berkeley’s 2019 gas stove ban, the group argued that the ban would hurt the area’s creative food scene. Choosing your language carefully petition read: “Indeed, restaurants that specialize in international cuisine, which are so appreciated in the Bay Area, will not be able to cook many of their specialties without natural gas.” Suddenly, the left was caught between two options: a clean planet or grilled eggplant.

Over the past few years, many bosses have pointed out that this is actually a false dichotomy: that almost any food can be cooked on induction cookers or electric ovens. (There are exceptions, for example some types of wok cooking. But for times when you just need to sauté padron peppers or creme brulee, TikTok chef John Kung said the Guardiana blowtorch is enough.) But home cooking too must feel resentful about focusing on your lunches and dinners when giant corporations are allow in behavior it’s much more destructive.

This is an understandable line of thinking, especially as we have discovered over the years that the notion of a personal carbon footprint in itself corporate site deviate from the greed of Big Oil, and that meaningful progress is achieved not through the habits of one person, but through profound systemic changes. (Think of carbon taxes, for example.)

But in this case, the ban on gas stoves is way to implement this systemic change. A third of New York State’s emissions come from buildings that burn gas for one reason or another. destroy demand for gas is a way to reduce New York’s dependence on the fossil fuel industry. If there is one thing liberals are calling for in the face of the climate crisis, it is the need for some sacrifice for the greater good. This principle has now moved from abstraction to reality for New Yorkers cooking in the new environment. Residential building and restaurants — even if the sacrifice is essentially to find happiness in baba ghanoush cooked in the oven.


32%: Share of New York State Emissions from Buildings

2026: The deadline for all new buildings is shorter than seven floors for the installation of all-electric heating and kitchen appliances. For taller buildings, the deadline is 2029.

80: The factor by which methane outperforms carbon dioxide in its ability to warm the planet during its first two decades in the atmosphere. Methane is the main component of natural gas used for cooking and heating homes.

4 million: The amount of metric tons of CO2 that the New York City law will allow to be reduced by 2040, according to an analysis by the Rocky Mountain Institute.

52%: Percentage of New York State households currently using natural gas as of 2020, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

Gas stoves are not the only controversial household appliance. We live in the era of smart home or child smart homes, anyway. In the first two episodes of our new Quartz Obsession podcast season, we’ll delve into the pleasures and dangers of digitally optimizing our living spaces.and spectacular events where the forerunners of all these technologies once debuted.

Join host Scott Nover and Quartz reporters Cassie Werber and Julia Mallek for “TWorld’s Fair: A Showcase of Technology’s Past” And “Smart Homes: Made for Accidents“.

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All the best movies and series about restaurants show sweat. The chefs drip beads as they lean over the burners. (“That’s real sweat” Bradley Cooper spoke about his role in burned.) Commercial kitchens can be heated up to 45°C (113°Fahrenheit) by adding serious risk of heat stress to the daily danger of being burned or burned. However, restaurants have found that induction cookers provide a cooler, safer kitchen, especially during the summer months. “You don’t need six or seven liters of water to stay hydrated,” said Amanda Cohen, whose Manhattan restaurant, Dirt Candy, switched to an induction cooker in 2008. said the Washington Post. “It’s not that physically tiring.” If you can’t stand the heat, stay in the kitchen.

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Photos: California Super Bloom – Atlantic



A historically wet winter in California has resulted in an explosion of wildflowers in many hills and valleys this spring. Visitors traveled to state parks and preserves to admire this latest “super bloom”. Collected below are recent colorful images from several locations in Southern California.

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