Mighty Doom brings the iconic Doom franchise to mobile through adorably violent top-down shooter gameplay. End-shutdown

The incredibly popular video game franchise from Bethesda, condemn, needs no introduction. The FPS shooter has dominated the genre for decades and has seen releases on every major platform, from the Sega 32X and Game Boy Advance, to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. Now Android and iOS users can join in too. the fray as Mighty Doom comes to smartphones.

Doom games have existed on mobile devices in the past, and players can still play the original Doom and Doom 2, which were re-released for the platform. But there was never a smartphone-only standalone title. Mobile gaming has been on the rise for a while now and technological advances have made it capable enough to grant gamers great visuals and gameplay.

That’s where Mighty Doom comes in. It is being developed by Alpha Dog Games, the studio subsidiary of Bethesda. Mighty Doom, set in the Doom animated universe, promises to be adorably violent. It is a top-down arcade shooter, with Mini Slayer as the main protagonist, who is a plastic collectible brought to life through a sudden wave of Argent Energy.

Like his more alive counterpart, Mini Slayer is transported to a hellish domain where he must face off against a plethora of animated monsters. Sure, they look kind of adorable, but they’re just as scary. Players will run and gun their way through waves of relentless creatures in procedurally generated levels. Boss battles also come here.

Mighty Doom has been around for a while, having already launched on Android last year. We now have a clear release date in sight as it launches globally on March 21. Pre-registrations have also opened at the respective stores and you can sign up by clicking any of the links below.

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