Microman ready to play a giant role for MLW End-shutdown

“I was born to do this. I was born to be Microman.”

Seven years ago, in the unseasonably thick morning air, Último Guerrero held another of his training sessions for aspiring wrestlers. As sweat dripped from the faces of the would-be fighters, it was impossible to determine who would become a star. But it was undeniable who refused to give up.

Drill after drill, session after session, a determined young man refused to accept any fate other than his fate. For Microman, there was only one option: he was going to be a professional wrestler.

“I always wanted to fight,” says Microman, speaking through a translator. “I know I needed to train and push myself, and I still do. This is my dream.”

Wrestling’s next biggest star could be its smallest competitor. Microman makes his debut Tuesday night for Major League Wrestling on Reelz, wrestling a trios match during the 10 pm ET show and a tag match at 11 pm ET for MLW: Underground. Unlike any other fighter currently active, he plans to display a style that is extremely unique.

Standing just over four feet tall and weighing 62 pounds, Microman, who, according to wrestling custom, does not reveal his true identity, is touted as the “World’s Greatest Wonder.” Beneath that fighting mask is a 24-year-old eager to make his own way in life.

Microman is the son of KeMonito, who has made a name for himself as a manager and mascot in the CMLL Mexico promotion for a long time. Despite the strong parallels in his work and the fact that they are blood, Microman and his father have struggled to form a great relationship. In fact, Microman never wanted to be a mascot or a manager. His goal is to fight.

“I never wanted to be a pet like my dad,” says Microman, who kindly reminded the interviewer that he prefers not to talk about his father. “People look at us as if we are the same, but we are very different in our styles and our companies. I’m making my own way.”

In MLW, Microman fights against opponents that are two to three feet taller than him. His style is best suited to tag team matches, and he delivers an unmistakable burst of energy and joy the moment he steps into the ring. His favorite wrestler is Mascarita Dorada, which he has starred in all over the world, including in WWE, and hopes to leave a similar impact on the industry.

“I am excited to be a part of MLW and represent all of Mexico,” says Microman. “Whenever you see me, I hope you see that I am representing MLW and Mexico with a lot of pride.”

Much of Microman’s life remains a mystery, but he shared his joy of studying computer science at school. However, that was not what motivated him that night, nor was it the inspiration that gave him the extra strength he needed during those laborious workouts with Último Guerrero.

“I needed to prove myself against Último Guerrero,” says Microman. “He pushed me and I never gave up. He saw this future in me and believed in me.” He didn’t want to be a pet. I didn’t want to be that either. I am here to fight. I know that I am smaller than anyone and I have heard hurtful comments about it. But I stay strong. That’s why I decided to call myself Microman.”

A whole new world opens up as the painfully shy Microman dons his luchador mask, filled with a new spirit and purpose.

“I love wearing a mask,” he says. “Even when I was young, I loved the idea. That is part of our culture in Mexico. The identity of that fighter is never known. It’s a mystery.

“Even my mother was scared at first that I would fight. She didn’t want him to do this. But now she has given me all her support. When she sees me with the mask, she believes too. I feel like a comic book superhero. That’s when I come alive. I get great powers.

Microman intends to show that true strength comes in different sizes.

Once he steps in the ring, he wants people to believe that he is among the world’s toughest living 63lbs.

“I was born to do this,” says Microman. “I was born to be Microman.”

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