Mercedes-Benz brings WebEx meetings to new E-Class sedans End-shutdown

Mercedes-Benz offered a closer look inside its new E-Class sedans and sleek dashboard earlier this month. The car looks good so far! It features an electrified powertrain and tons of tech, including support for Level 3 autonomous driving and plenty of apps that you’ll need to pay extra to use. The car also seems like a comfortable way to get around. Perhaps so comfortable that you might want to turn your car into a mobile office.

If that’s the case, then you’re in luck. Mercedes-Benz partnered with Cisco to equip the new E-Class with Webex Meetings and Calling and Webex AI audio capabilities—everything a busy worker needs to never have a moment of peace. They announced the collaboration at last week’s E-Class event and revealed more details at Mobile World Congress. “This partnership will help people get work done safely and comfortably in their vehicles,” the companies said in a news release. That definitely seems better than doing things at the office, home, or a coffee shop.

In the event that it is absolutely necessary to get into a meeting while behind the wheel, which is hopefully a very rare occasion, the companies claim to offer “best-in-class noise cancellation” thanks to Webex audio intelligence technology. . Meetings and calls are audio-only unless you’re parked, in which case you’ll have access to video meetings, AI-powered transcription, content sharing features, and emoji reactions. There will be a Webex app in the Mercedes Benz car app store, while the integrated Wi-Fi and mobile data connection means you don’t need your phone to join a meeting. At least for someone, I’m sure it’s the embodiment of living the dream.

To be fair, there are a few use cases where Webex in a car might make sense. Mercedes and Cisco suggested that an architect might need to communicate with colleagues immediately after leaving the job site, while someone might need to participate in a meeting right after dropping the kids off at school. Conference calls certainly happen in cars.

This isn’t exactly the first time a meeting app has invaded cars. Webex already supports CarPlay, as does Microsoft Teams. Webex is also available on select Ford models. If you really want to experience Webex meetings behind the wheel of a 2023 E-Class, you’ll be pleased to know you’ll have the chance when the sedans hit dealerships in the spring.

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