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James Kennedy’s Vanderpump Rules: Highlights



When this moment happened: Season 10, Episode 12: “Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe”

James gasps, “Ah! OH!” and runs out of the room (stumbling on the table as he exits) to “wash 151 out of his eye”. Later, we learn from the waitress that the middle part – aka the part that got into his eye – is just for decoration and doesn’t actually contain alcohol. Still incredible performance.

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Fantasy Island canceled after two seasons on Fox



Variety has learned that Fantasy Island will not return for a third season on Fox. A reimagining of the classic series originally airing on Fox during the summer, while the second season aired as part of the network’s off-season schedule. “We really enjoyed the fun and escapist creativity of Fantasy Island, which we […]

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Judge gutted Marilyn Manson v. Evan Rachel Wood case



On Tuesday, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge dismissed the bulk of Marilyn Manson’s libel suit against Evan Rachel Wood, who accused him of abuse.

The court partially granted Wood’s motion to strike out part of Manson’s case, according to documents analyzed by The Times. The shock rock musician, whose real name is Brian Warner, filed a libel suit against the Westworld actor in March 2022 after she publicly accused him of “terrible” abuse of her over the years.

This week, a court dismissed Manson’s claims that Wood pressured “several women to make false accusations against him” and fabricated an FBI letter to support her claims. The court also found that Manson “did not demonstrate the likelihood of satisfying his claims based on the alleged defamation against Wood.”

In addition, the court granted a motion by artist Ilma Gore to dismiss Manson’s claim that she engaged in “outrageous behavior” by “making knowingly false and defamatory statements against him.” Gore, Wood’s girlfriend, appeared with the actress in Phoenix Rising, a two-part documentary about Wood’s journey, to name her alleged abuser. The court found that Manson “did not demonstrate the likelihood of victory in his defamation suit as such against Gore.”

“We are very pleased with the court’s decision, which affirms and protects Evan’s exercise of her fundamental First Amendment rights,” Wood’s lead attorney, Michael Kamp, said in a statement. deadline after the hearing on Tuesday. “As the Court rightly held, [Manson] could not show that his claims to her have even minimal grounds.

In February, Wood refuted a claim by model Ashley Morgan Smithline that Wood had manipulated Smithline into making false allegations of rape and assault on their mutual ex Manson. Smithline’s coercion statement came after the model’s federal lawsuit against Manson was dismissed because she missed a court deadline to appoint a new attorney.

Manson’s lawyer Howard King cited Smithline’s allegations against Wood in his response to the ruling on Tuesday.

“The decision is disappointing, but not unexpected,” King said, according to Deadline.

“The Court cabled this result when it refused to consider former Plaintiff Ashley Smithline’s sworn statement detailing how Evan Rachel Wood and Ilma Gore pressured women to make false statements about Brian Warner.

“The refusal to accept this important evidence, along with the court’s decision not to consider Ms. Gore’s iPad, the contents of which showed how she and Ms. Wood created a fake FBI letter, will be the subject of an immediate appeal to the California Court of Appeals,” he added.

In accordance with rolling stonethe preliminary trial date has been set for May 1, 2024.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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The Westminster Finals are approaching: which dog will be the best in the show?



NEW YORK — On Tuesday, with the most prestigious award at the US dog show at stake, dogs and their handlers were gearing up for their stellar performance at the Westminster Kennel Club show.

Four finalists have already been selected on Monday. Three more were due to arrive before all seven battle it out for the best show around 11:00 pm EDT on Tuesday.

Pekingese Rummy is aiming to bring home the third trophy in 11 years for his small but regal breed. Winston the French Bulldog is fighting for the title after coming very close to it last year. A small Vendée Basset Griffon named Buddy Holly is on the hunt for a big win in the US after impressive performances in three other countries. And an Australian Shepherd named Ribbon could also win the top prize.

If Buddy Holly felt pressure, he didn’t show it. Instead, he seemed more preoccupied with playing with his people on Tuesday night and giving up on the idea of ​​taking a nap in his box.

“He just screams PBGV,” handler and co-owner Janice Hayes said. “They are just very independent, but very charming and just plain stupid. Their goal is to make you laugh every day.”

Originally from France, small hounds traditionally hunted rabbits. (Their name means “low-lying rough-haired dog from the Vendée region” and is pronounced pe-TI’ ba-SAY’ grihf-FAN’ van-DAY’-an.)

Buddy Holly, so named because “he’s a friend”, as explained by breeder Gavin Robertson, has also lived and competed in his native UK, Ireland and Australia.

Ribbon is “like a fun girl at a party,” handler Jessica Plurd said. Rummy is “true to the Pekingese type, lots of posture, presence is all in one,” said owner and breeder David Fitzpatrick, who led Pekingese Malachy and Wasabi to wins at Westminster in 2012 and 2021 respectively.

Winston finished second at Westminster last year and won the Philadelphia Kennel Club’s National Dog Show last fall. He now represents the most common dog breed in the United States, according to a ranking published in March.

He “just steals your heart,” handler and co-owner Perry Payson said after Winston’s energetic semi-final twist, which included an impromptu jump into a decorative box in the center of the ring.

Each Westminster finalist defeated other dogs of their breed first, and then their “group” such as toy dogs or hounds. Among the breeds making it into the semi-final group to be judged on Tuesday night is the newly qualified Italian Bracco, which was won by a dog co-owned by country music star Tim McGraw.

In addition to the chosen finalists, there were other fan favorites.

There was a bloodhound that bowed low to the judge, a Shiba Inu shown by 10-year-old trainer Audra Mays, and an Ibizan hound that got the judge’s first haircut with breeder/owner/handler Alexandria Mitchell. This was a notable achievement at a show where many exhibitors take on other people’s dogs as a career.

The Westminster Show, held this year at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, also includes obedience and agility competitions open to mixed breed dogs.


Associated Press contributor Anna Furman contributed. New York-based AP journalist Jennifer Peltz has covered the Westminster Dog Show since 2013.

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