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“It will all take over”: Americans express fears that AI will affect everyday life



Residents of the Lone Star State shared their concerns about the rapid development of AI and how it could affect various aspects of life.

To be honest, I’m much more afraid of losing my job,” said Eilid, an Austin resident who works in retail.

But Girish was more optimistic.

“People will find new job opportunities,” he told Fox News. “I think that suggests a retraining that needs to be done.”



Artificial intelligence technologies capable of creating professional-grade text, audio, and video materials have developed rapidly in recent months. Increasing sophistication has sparked legal and ethical controversy across industries around the world.

Some experts in the field, such as Gary Markus, warn of the many risks associated with artificial intelligence, such as making it easier for attackers to pull off more convincing scams. Others such as computer scientists Jurgen Schmidhubersaid the same tools could be used to deal with bad actors.

The shadow of Uruguayan developer Tammara Leites is seen on a screen of AI-generated text. (Photo by CLEMENT MAJOUDO/AFP via Getty Images)


However, Dan, a Kansas City resident who visited Austin, said he feared AI would cost jobs.

“I think it’s possible in some industries,” he said.

ace 300 million jobs worldwide According to a March 26 Goldman Sachs report, they may be lost or reduced due to AI advances. The analysis predicted that technology can cause “significant disruption” of the global labor market in the coming years through the complete or partial replacement of people in different sectors.

One person told Fox News that he worries that AI could cause big problems with identity theft. Another feared that it could potentially be taken over by the military.


OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT co-wrote an episode of the TV show South Park in March 2023.

ChatGPT co-wrote an episode of the comedy television series South Park in March 2023. (Photo by MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images)

Austin’s Girish said his biggest concern is that the data used to train artificial intelligence technology systems could contain racial bias.

“One thing that I thought deeply about is the concept of racial bias and…existing data that is probably being used to train AI models,” he told Fox News. “Hopefully this can be resolved or people are aware of this.”


Meanwhile, Eilid pointed to the March episode of South Park, which ChatGPT helped write. She said this indicates that content creators’ jobs are also at risk.

“Artists are now a little worried about AI art because it doesn’t seem like they have a place in the workforce anymore,” she told Fox News. “The writers too, because in the end I feel like it’s all going to take over.”

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Get $200 Off Select Garmin Watches At Wellbots



If you are looking for a top-notch smartwatch, Garmin is one of the best brands to buy. Not only do they work with both iOS and Android, but they also offer advanced fitness features and are built to be more durable than many of the competition. Like most high-end products, Garmin watches usually come with a hefty price tag. However, Wellbots is making it more affordable by dropping $200 off all models in the Fenix ​​7 series as well as the Epix 2 and offering free shipping on purchase.

Garmin’s Fenix ​​7 series has several models available to suit just about anyone. This rugged smartwatch is built for tough workouts phoenix 7 another typically starts at $700 offering 47mm and 42mm cases respectively with solar editions go for $100 more. Wellbots also has a larger 7 times solar available in 51 mm diameter case. It usually costs $900 before discount.

Each model has different specifications, so be sure to read each product page carefully. Depending on your needs, you may prefer one version over the other. The base Fenix ​​7 should offer up to 18 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 57 hours with GPS alone to give you an idea of ​​the performance you can expect.

The Garmin Epix 2 is a great choice for adventurers and athletes, making it into our roundup of the best smartwatch options you can buy right now. It features a 1.3-inch always-on AMOLED touch display, durable titanium construction and a wealth of activity tracking features, as well as access to mapping resources such as GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO. It also gets up to six days of battery life on a single charge. It regularly sells for $1,000, but with a discount, you can buy one for 800$.

It’s worth noting that this Garmin smartwatch lacks ECG tracking and cellular connectivity, so if you’re looking for those features, you might want to invest in another model. And if you’re looking for some extra savings, be sure to check out our round-up of all the best Garmin deals in effect right now.

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Galaxy A54 5G review: Samsung’s cheap phone takes on Google




Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

You receive price alerts for the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G.


  • Large, bright screen

  • Expandable storage

  • Affordable price

I do not like

  • Processor and camera performance lags behind the cheaper Pixel 6A

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has some of the most powerful specs and powerful cameras. But it also comes with a whopping $1,200 (£1,249, AU$1949) price tag that, for many of us, is simply out of the question. Looking down the band doesn’t mean suffering from slow, frustrating hardware. As the new $450 (£499, AU$699) Samsung Galaxy A54 5G proves, you can get a phone with good performance at a very reasonable price.

The Galaxy A54 features a 6.4-inch display, an octa-core processor that delivers enough power for everyday tasks (including light gaming), and a camera that does a good job of taking your everyday shots. I even like the design, especially the light green version I reviewed. Its 128GB of storage will be enough for most people, and those who need more space can expand it with microSD cards up to 1TB.

It has a lot going for it given its reasonable $450 price tag, but it often sells for even less: $375 prices were spotted on Best Buy and Amazon at the time of this review, though sadly not at the time of publishing. Even with that potential discount, Google’s budget phones outperform Samsung in key areas, especially the camera.


The 6.4-inch display is bright and vibrant.

Andrew Lankson/CNET

Galaxy A54 or Pixel 6A?

Even with the competitively priced Galaxy A54, the competition is fierce, with Google’s excellent $349 Pixel 6A and the latest $499 Pixel 7A just $50 more than the A54’s regular retail price. We gave the Pixel 6A the CNET Editors’ Choice Award for its combination of reliable all-round performance and affordable price, while remaining one of the best budget phones money can buy. The new Pixel 7A also impressed us with its great camera and smooth performance, prompting CNET to recommend it over the Pixel 7 as it’s $100 cheaper.

Compared to the A54 5G, the Pixel 6A is still the best phone. Its performance is slightly better, its camera takes better pictures, and Google’s plain Android version is generally more pleasant to use than Samsung’s One UI skin. If you’re willing to pay $50 more, the Pixel 7A also offers better camera performance and wireless charging, which the Galaxy A54 5G doesn’t. However, the A54 is a bit bigger and offers microSD card storage expansion, so it’s not a complete victory for the Pixel. Here’s what you need to know about the phone.

Galaxy A54: interesting design, bright display

The light green version of my A54 5G is really pretty with a glossy glass back and a metal bezel (it’s actually plastic). It’s nice enough to hold in your hand, although it lacks the more solid feel of the Pixel 6A or 7A. It’s IP67 water resistant (like the Pixel 6A and 7A) to keep it safe when making phone calls in the rain or around clumsy beer-carrying friends.


The display has a built-in fingerprint scanner.

Andrew Lankson/CNET

The 6.4-inch display is larger than the Pixel 6A’s 6.1-inch screen, something to keep in mind if you spend a lot of time playing mobile games or watching videos and will benefit from a larger screen. The Galaxy A54’s bright screen is slightly brighter than the Pixel 6A and Pixel 7A, making it easier to read outdoors in direct sunlight.

Galaxy A54 processor, software and battery

The Galaxy A54 is powered by an Exynos 1380 processor with 6GB of RAM. It performed well in performance tests given its low price, slightly lower than the Pixel 6A. However, its power is enough to make everyday web browsing, texting and emailing on WhatsApp a breeze. I was able to play both Genshin Impact and Asphalt 9: Legends on default settings with pretty smooth gameplay.

Galaxy A54 vs Pixel 6A vs Pixel 7A Performance Comparison

Galaxy A54 1.006 2780 812Pixel 6A 1449 3486 1746Pixel 7A 1342 3042 1728

  • Geekbench 6 (single core)

  • Geekbench 6 (multi-core)

  • Extreme Wild Life 3D Mark

Grade: Longer bars mean better performance

At its core, it runs on Android 13, on top of which Samsung has released its One UI software. While I love the overall look of this skin, I don’t like how much clutter Samsung preloads onto the phone. Apps such as Disney Plus, Bolt, TikTok, and have already been installed, along with many of Samsung’s own apps (including its own app store, Galaxy Shop app, SmartThings, Messages, and various TV and media apps). There are also many pre-installed Microsoft apps such as Linkedin and OneNote. I bought the phone unlocked directly from Samsung in the UK, so you can find different apps on your phone – possibly even more carrier-specific apps if you bought it online.


I like the One UI interface, but not all the pre-installed apps.

Andrew Lankson/CNET

While you can uninstall many of them, third-party apps make your phone dirty as soon as you turn it on. By contrast, the Pixel 6A’s default interface is neat, uncluttered, and has only core Google features like Chrome, Gmail, and Drive installed as standard, with no third-party services forced on you from day one.

Both Samsung and Google are promising security updates five years after launch to ensure their safer use over the long haul. However, this means that the Pixel 6A, which launched last year, is guaranteed to receive support until 2027, while the A54 should continue to receive updates until 2028. Samsung is also offering an additional generation of Android OS updates over Google. It’s not a big difference, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you want to squeeze every ounce of useful life out of your device.

The A54 is powered by a 5000mAh battery, which is larger than the 4410mAh battery in the Pixel 6A. However, perhaps due to the larger screen, battery life on both phones was about the same during my YouTube streaming test and during normal use throughout the day. With careful use, you should get a full day out of any phone, but any phone will still need a full overnight recharge.


At its core, it runs Android 13, and Samsung has promised four years of Android generation updates.

Andrew Lankson/CNET

The base Galaxy A54 has 128GB of storage, but it’s one of the last remaining phones to support expandable storage via microSD cards up to 1TB. That’s a big plus in its favor, as it means you can safely go for the lowest storage model and just buy a cheap 128GB card to double the storage, giving you plenty of room for photos, music, or apps.

Galaxy A54: three cameras for bright shots

There are three cameras on the back of the phone; 50MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide and 5MP macro camera. I found shots from the main camera to be decent overall, although software optimizations often result in rather oversaturated images that look rather unnatural to my eye. Images look crisp, however, and the preset 2x digital zoom (no optical zoom here) keeps images sharp.


When shooting with the main lens, the camera balances bright skies and darker buildings well.

Andrew Lankson/CNET


The colors here are bright, but a little cold.

Andrew Lankson/CNET


When switching to the ultra-wide lens, the shot looks much warmer, which is what I prefer.

Andrew Lankson/CNET

The ultra-wide lens worked well too, with decent exposure and plenty of detail. I often found a fairly noticeable color shift between the main and wide angle lenses. The wide-angle lens usually produces slightly warmer colors, which I generally prefer to cool images taken with the main camera.


This shot, taken with the A54’s main camera, is well exposed, but the colors are so oversaturated that they look rather unnatural.

Andrew Lankson/CNET


The Pixel 6A shot has more realistic colors.

Andrew Lankson/CNET

Low-light images are decent, with the main lens taking bright and clear shots that are roughly on par with what we got from the Pixel 6A.

The 5-megapixel macro lens allows you to focus on the subject close-up. But, as is the case with most macro lenses on phones we’ve seen before from OnePlus and Samsung, it’s pretty disappointing. Focus is sometimes lost and colors look dull compared to photos taken with the main camera. Personally, I’d rather see Samsung not try to cram an extra camera in here, but just slash a little more than the asking price.


The macro lens allows you to get closer to the subject, but the results are generally not very good and I find the lens a bit of a pointless addition.

Andrew Lankson/CNET


There’s a 32-megapixel selfie camera that does a good job of capturing detailed, well-exposed selfies.

Andrew Lankson/CNET

While the A54’s camera setup won’t appeal to photographers looking for realistic images, it will do the job well if you just want to capture vibrant shots of your kids on your next beach vacation. But I prefer shots from both the Pixel 6A and Pixel 7A, which produce less oversaturated images with accurate exposure.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G?

The combination of decent performance, fun design, flashy cameras and low price makes the A54 a potentially great budget option. Its bright screen, expandable storage, and longer software support put it in favor of Google’s Pixel 6A, but the Pixel 6A wins in almost every other way. The software is nicer to use, the cameras are better and even cheaper. In between, my money would have gone to the Pixel 6A.

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What does it mean to hedge a bet



October 19, 2021

Whether you are betting on sports, investing in stocks, or making any other financial investment, you will be looking at one point to protect your money.

As a simple explanation, hedging your money can be seen as an investment “insurance” to protect yourself from possible losses. In finance, it is used as a strategy or device to limit any potential loss of financial assets and ensure the company’s long-term growth.

Sports betting is the same when the bookmaker or you can set up betting hedging that protects both sides of the outcome.

When a book sets up a hedge, they do so with a cash out feature. This allows you to receive the money earlier, while the bookmaker avoids the risk of paying you the amount that you would have received when all the bets in your bet slip have been completed.

In this article, we will take a closer look at hedging in sports betting and how it can be done. Before we begin, you should know that there is a difference between a hedge bet and an arbitrage bet. Hedging bets are legal while arbitrage bets are illegal and will get you banned.

How to hedge Tennis bet

Hedging in sports betting is usually done on tennis bets. One of the most famous tennis bets you will see is that the underdog forfeits the first set but still plays the 2nd and 3rd sets.

To hedge against this bet, place two separate bets: one for each of the two outcomes. A common way to do this is to hedge with an alternative bet on that match. Let’s say you’re betting on the underdog +3.5 sets in a tennis match. After they have withdrawn from the first set, you must place two bets: one if the player wins the 2nd or 3rd set, and one if he wins the 2nd set but loses the 3rd. You can also hedge with an alternative bet or match on the same tennis event to cut your losses if the first bet doesn’t work. By insuring against losing, you are making less profit than if you just let that bet work and hope for the best.

How to hedge Basketball bet

Hedging a basketball bet can be a bit tricky as there are more outcomes on the spread. One of the best ways to hedge a basketball bet is to place two separate spread bets and another over/under bet.

For you NBA fans, let’s say you’ve watched this game on TV and you think the San Antonio Spurs will win, but their lead is only 1.50. If you look closely at this game, you will notice that Tony Parker is out of the game due to injury. After more research on this team, you will find out that their reserve center is injured and will not play either.

What you want to do is hedge this bet by adding a handicap. In this case, we will immediately give the spread of points, and then add -5 for spurs. This gives us the new San Antonio line -6.5 (1.50 + 3.00 = 4.50).

Now you would like to put this new line on the spurs. If they lose, you win both bets: one on the Spurs +1.50 and the other on San Antonio -6.5 (-110).

How to hedge Baseball bet

Hedging a baseball bet can also be difficult as there are so many different outcomes in the game itself.

Let’s say you bet 1.50 on the Yankees on a game in which A-Rod is going to be a big success. Prior to the first pitch, A-Rod is placed on the disabled list with a hamstring injury and will be out of action for at least two weeks. You cannot leave this bet unchanged, so you will need to hedge against this bet.

One of the best ways to hedge a baseball bet is to place a separate bet on both sides of the line you are betting on. In this case, we want to take our original bet and add a bet to the same bet: A-Rod doesn’t play, and the other one where he plays.

So let’s look at our original string. We want to bet on the Yankees at 1.50 where A-Rod will get hit and be in the starting lineup. After some research, we see that his hamstring injury is not serious and he will hit third in this game against a right pitcher.

Since we know he won’t win this game, we can add a bet that he won’t win to the same bet. In this case, we would bet that A-Rod would go 0-4 with four outs.

As mentioned earlier, the Yankees have about 1.50 favorites to win this game, and you can now bet on both sides of this line. You will now have a Yankees win bet of -1.50 and a bet on A-Rod 0-4 with four outs +650.

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