Is Yellowstone ending? Everything we know so far End-shutdown

Earlier this month, doomsday arrived for the number one drama on cable television when news broke that series lead Kevin Costner might be leaving the franchise. As reported by deadlineCostner is directing and starring in his own Western epic, horizonand supposedly did not have time to film extensive scenes of yellow stone. Since Costner plays family patriarch John Dutton, his departure would leave a huge hole in the series. Even in the middle of season five, he’s still the only thing stopping his enemies from taking over the largest cattle ranch in the US, land his family has fought over for generations.

Matthew McConaughey is reportedly in talks to lead a potential franchise extension to continue the Dutton saga, but little is known about the plot or continuation of the characters. That’s probably because the second half of season five, which was scheduled to return sometime this summer, still has a huge cliffhanger to work out. The Dutton family was fair about trying to kill each other, which may give creator Taylor Sheridan the solution he needs, if not the one he originally planned. So instead of discussing the season five finale, we’re now scrambling to figure out what might happen in the potential series finale. Well End-shutdown how could yellow stone end? We’re breaking down our favorite theories below.

Who could die when season five returns?

Before deadlinebomb reporta Reddit theory put forward by the user superpowmom made a tone of sense. There was speculation that Jamie’s hitman would accidentally mix Summer Higgins up with Beth, which seemed like a good death to end the season with. It is quite possible that this event will still occur, but it sounded more exciting when yellow stone It was going to last at least five more seasons, instead of ending abruptly right now. If this is the end, then no one is safe.

Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton, looks like he needs to step down from the role. hey said The New York Times last month that “Jamie’s sadness permeates my life.” Bentley also revealed that his wife even tells him that “Jamie is coming home and we don’t want him here.” His finale may be near, as his character was planning to send hitmen to kill his father and sister during the Season 5 Midseason Finale. If the Dutton family retaliates, Bentley could make Jamie finally face some consequences.

as will be yellow stone Handling the Kevin Costner drama?

Remember: while we need to figure out who can continue on the McConaughey-directed series, Costner is the lead role we need to replace. The death threat is in the air, and John Dutton may take the first bullet. Getting big names to commit to television for five seasons is an industry-wide problem, and a recent report from the city other news disc‘s Matthew Belloni suggested that Sheridan considered killing Costner once before. Remember the season three finale when John Dutton was shot and left for dead? Well, according to Belloni, Sheridan and lead producer David Glasser have reportedly “been planning Costner’s eventual departure for a while now.”

Costner was apparently testy after Sheridan increased the 10-episode order for season five to a 16-episode two-part series, extending the star’s short filming window. The Sheridan/Costner dynamic was said to be similar to the “Silverbacks fight,” a source told Belloni. Rumors have also been circulating that their time together on set had to be minimized to keep the ball rolling in the first half of season five. things got even further Complicated after Costner contracted COVID-19, forcing everyone to return months later and finish filming their scenes. The reshoots were reportedly very expensive for Paramount and upset their co-stars greatly.

According to sources on Costner’s side, Sheridan’s busy workload has stretched him too thin. Allegedly, he was unable to deliver the scripts on time and constantly changes the filming schedule. With yellow stoneSheridan is writing several other series, including king of tulsa, Kingstown Mayor, and upcoming projects like lioness country man other under reeves. It is difficult to know who is right to stand firm in this scenario. Belloni also reported that Costner horizon does not yet have a planned release date as part of the upcoming Warner Bros. schedule. The second half of yellow stoneThe fifth season of ‘s, originally planned for a summer release, it will now shoot this summer with a likely November release.

At the end of all this shenanigans, Costner and Sheridan may very well return for season six, but it’s looking more and more like the next six episodes of yellow stone It will be the last series. “Most likely, this is a relationship that has run its course,” Belloni reported. “Sheridan certainly is furious, I’m told; he can’t finish writing episodes 5B until the Costner drama is resolved and his star is in or out.”

As many fans on Reddit have predicted, an ending where Tate inherits the ranch feels like the perfect ending. He is not only the grandson of John Dutton, but a bridge between the Duttons and the Native Americans on the nearby Broken Rock reservation. The Yellowstone ranch would later continue to remain in the Dutton family, while possibly also being annexed to the reservation. Costner’s departure may spoil that possibility, but not if McConaughey’s sequel spinoff continues regardless of the plot left unfinished from the end of yellow stone.

Will creator Taylor Sheridan stay with Paramount?

Yes, big time. In an interview with vultureViacomCBS president of entertainment Chris McCarthy has revealed that the Sheridan-led projects are actually going to increase, even if Costner leaves. yellow stone. “Every year, we are going to launch at least one yellow stone franchise, as well as a companion series… but we’re already getting past that,” McCarthy explained. “So, 2021 was Kingstown Mayor other 1883 and last year it was 1923 other king of tulsa. This year only, it’s going to be a second season of 1923It will be Lioness other under reeves—and that’s just in the streaming space.”

McCarthy also cited stories that are already attracting fan interest, such as the future yellow stone spin-offs (6666) and flashbacks of the young John Dutton, played by actor Josh Lucas in yellow stone. “Luckily, Taylor’s mind and her creativity are endless,” McCarthy continued. “So while we’re not ready to commit and comment on it, like anyone who’s watched the most recent season, you see Jimmy go to the Four Sixes quite often. You also see flashbacks to when these particular Duttons are younger, with Beth being in her late teens, and you could easily see that there was a story that fit very well with the present.”

The ViacomCBS boss also gave massive praise to Costner, saying the actor is “one of the reasons [Yellowstone is as] as successful as it is today,” adding, “we hope it sticks around for a long time.”

Who will Matthew McConaughey play?

The easiest way out would be to pull out some kind of Fast and FuriousDutton style family connection. Oh, didn’t you know that John Dutton had an estranged younger brother named Matthew Dutton? Something like that. Hell, it might even be almost the same show as before. McConaughey could take over the ranch and deal with all of John Dutton’s sons and enemies as if nothing had happened. From time to time they mourned the loss of John and then kept fighting. At the same time yellow stone could end completely. The video-on-demand rights to the flagship series were sold to Peacock many years ago, which means that continuing to subscribe to the series as it is now, with new characters only, offers some potential legal issues. That’s why yellow stone it has so many spinoff series that they’re only available on Paramount+, where the streaming network can rake in even more money of its own. So either we see a new yellow stone story, or it’s time to meet Matthew Dutton.

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