Galaxy S22 deals: Up to $1,000 off at Best Buy, T-Mobile and more End-shutdown

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The new generation of Galaxy S23 phones were announced earlier this year and many Galaxy S23 Deals They’re already live, but that just means you can get even better deals on last year’s model. If you don’t want or need the latest and greatest, now is a great time to pick up S22 phones.

Not only has Samsung recently slashed the starting price of the base model by $100, but many carriers and retailers are looking to unload their stock before newer models hit shelves, so there are tons of deals to take advantage of. There are some discounts available on unlocked models, and you can save even more if you have an old device to trade in or need a new line of service. To help you make the most of these deals before they’re gone, we’ve rounded up some of the best deals available on the Galaxy S22 phones below.

The Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra featured several major camera improvements over the S21 generation of Samsung devices, including larger pixel sensors and Adaptive Pixel technology to improve night-time photography and videos. There’s an improved portrait mode, as well as a new auto framing feature that can detect and track up to 10 people to clearly capture everyone in one photo.

However, it was the Galaxy S22 Ultra That caused the biggest stir. Samsung’s top-of-the-line phone introduced the S Pen to the S series for the first time, paying homage to the now-canceled Note.

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The S22 Ultra also features significant camera enhancements, including Samsung’s largest pixel sensor, as well as a host of raw photo tools for more comprehensive editing and an advanced Super Clear Glass lens for smoother, sharper night videos. no sparkles.

We’ll take a closer look at all the details of each of the three flagship Galaxy S22 models and show you the best Galaxy S22 deals online and in stores.

What colors does the Galaxy S22 come in?

Both the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus are available in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Rose Gold. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a slightly different lineup: Ghost Black, Ghost White, Green, and Burgundy.

How much does the Galaxy S22 cost?

All three Galaxy S22 models are available in various storage configurations, and with the recent announcement of the new Galaxy S23, Samsung has dropped the base price of the Galaxy S22 by $100. US pricing for each model now starts at:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22: $700 (originally $800)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: $1,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: $1,200

Both the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus are available in 128GB and 256GB storage options with 8GB of RAM, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra will also add 512GB and 1TB options with up to 12GB of RAM.

Be sure to check out all the Galaxy S22 deals below.

The best Galaxy S22 deals

Most carriers and retailers are offering some sort of S22 deal right now, especially if you have an older device you want to trade in. We’ve rounded up the best Galaxy S22 deals you can buy and we’ll continue to update this page as new deals become available, so check back if your preferred carrier or retailer isn’t listed below.

Samsung’s site is the obvious place to buy its Galaxy phones. It offers all device configurations and has multiple payment options, plus it offers carrier and unlocked models so you can choose to buy the phone directly, through carrier payments, or finance it through Samsung, depending on your preference.

At this time, Samsung does not offer direct discounts on unlocked models, although it does guarantee trade-in credits for working and damaged devices. Those who trade in a known-good device will get at least $180 in trade-in credit for the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus, or at least $100 for damaged devices. Trade-ins for the S22 Ultra will get at least $275 for devices in good condition and at least $155 for damaged devices. However, you can earn a lot more depending on the devices you trade in, with the latest iPhones netting you up to $720.

If you decide to switch to a carrier through Samsung, you can save up to $1,000 via bill credits when you trade in your old device.

If you don’t want the headache of navigating carriers, plans, and installment payments, you’ll want an unlocked phone that you can buy outright. You can save up to $150 on select products S22 models, $95 in the S22Plusor $200 in the S22Ultra. Just keep in mind that discounts jump quite a bit between different colors and configurations.

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Since pre-orders for the new S23 series went live, Verizon has cut its deals on the S22 series, but is still offering a few ways to save. Those who want the base model Galaxy S22 can save up to $340 when adding a new line of service on a qualifying 5G plan, with no trade-in required. You’ll also receive a free $200 Verizon gift card when you bring your current number from another carrier. Verizon is also offering some bonuses with the purchase of any Galaxy S22 phone, including up to $670 off a Galaxy Tab S7 FE, $330 off a Galaxy Watch 5, and 50% off a pair of Galaxy Buds 2.

Best Buy offers support for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile upgrades and new lines both in-store and online, which means you can take advantage of some of the great carrier deals available right now. If you want to trade in a device, you can save up to $1,000 through Verizon or $800 through AT&T or T-Mobile with a new line of service, too.

If you prefer an unlocked model, Best Buy is also offering $150 off the S22 Ultra, though you’ll have to choose same-day activation to get the discount (essentially voiding the point of an unlocked phone). Best Buy also has its own redemption program where you can save even more.

T-Mobile usually has some pretty great deals for new and existing customers alike. Right now, T-Mobile has a few different deals available, which vary a bit depending on whether or not you have a Magenta Max plan.

Customers on the Magenta Max plan can save up to $800 on all three models, getting you the standard S22 free when you add a new line of service to your existing Magenta Max plan. Those without a Magenta Max plan can still save up to $400 when adding a new line on another qualifying service plan. And if you have an old device to trade in, you can save up to $1,000 if you’re on a Magenta Max plan, or up to $500 if you’re on another plan.

Boost Mobile offers new and existing customers a great deal on Galaxy S22 devices. For a limited time, the carrier is offering a nice discount that brings the base price of the 128GB Galaxy S22 down to just $350, $450 off the regular price. Unfortunately, the S22 Plus and Ultra are completely out of stock right now, with only select configurations of the S22 still in stock. Since Boost Mobile is a prepaid carrier, you’ll need to buy the phone outright, but at this price it’s well worth it.

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