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8 TV Shows Like Diplomat You Should Watch



So you’re done Diplomat and wondering what to watch next? Well, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Trust us, there are plenty of political dramas out there to fill the void left by Keri Russell and Rufus Sewell. Or at least help keep you going until Netflix (hopefully) releases a second season. Some of them are even completed series, so you can enjoy the full story from start to finish.

If you’re interested in seeing the public and private worlds of politicians clash, political romances, car bombings with people in suits hovering around them, or even stories based on historical events, then look no further. Below, we’ve rounded up eight of the best political dramas ever made to get you started. One of them – as we are sure, was in the case of Diplomat-may even become your new favorite. And if you’re done with this list, be sure to check out Esquire’s favorite shows of the year (so far).


scandal follows Olivia Pope (Keri Washington), a former White House media consultant. She is known as the best problem solver in the city, and with the help of her new team, she starts her own crisis management firm. But as they take on high-profile clients, Pope learns that they are not the only ones who need to be fixed.


West Wing

West Wing political drama about the life of the White House staff. Each member is quick-witted, relentless, and deeply committed to their careers. But mixing personal and professional life puts everything at risk.


House of cards

House of cards Political thriller based on the novel of the same name by Michael Dobbs. It follows Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a corrupt politician, and his wife, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), who is just as unethical. Together, they use political connections to exact revenge on anyone who betrays them.



bodyguard follows David Budd (Richard Madden), a war veteran turned defense specialist. His life becomes more complicated when he is assigned to protect Home Secretary Julia Montagu (Keely Hawes), whose policies reflect everything he opposes. With her safety in his hands, Budd is torn between his own beliefs and the duties of her bodyguard.



survivor starts with a terrorist attack during the State of the Union. When an unexpected explosion blows up the Capitol Building, including the President and his successors, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Thomas Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) is appointed President of the United States. With a little running practice, you know a countryKirkman is forced to quickly adapt to his new job and lead the country into a new era.


Good wife

Good wife follows Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), a woman whose life is turned upside down when her husband Peter (Chris Noth) goes to jail for a political sex scandal. Since her husband is in prison, she is forced to become the head of their family. In doing so, Alicia returns to her career as a lawyer and has her life fully restored.



Motherland follows a dangerous game of cat and mouse between Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes), an unstable CIA operative, and Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), a former prisoner of war. When Brody returns home after being kidnapped by al-Qaeda, Matheson becomes convinced he has been brainwashed and plans an attack on the United States. For Matheson, she does everything in her power to protect the country, but their feud becomes the biggest threat to the country’s security.



Crown tells about the life and politics of Queen Elizabeth II, who becomes a monarch at just 25 years old. The series begins with her marriage to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in 1947 and traces British history into the 21st century, showing the many ups and downs of the royal family along the way.


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New on Netflix May 2023: Movies, TV Series, Original Series



Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.
Photo: Nick Wall/Netflix

BridgertonThe first prequel focuses on young Queen Charlotte’s entry (a stunning twist from India’s Ria Amarteifio, where Golda Rochevel continues to play the older Charlotte) into regal English society, intertwined with her complex love story with King George (Corey Milkrist). Queen Charlotte this is a stellar hour. (broadcast May 4)

Notable highlights are in bold.

beyond suspicion
Airport 77
Airport 1975
american gangsters
Austin Powers in Goldmember
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Black hawk down
The Cable Guy
Captain Phillips
chicken escape
Conan the Barbarian
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Dawn of the Dead
For colored girls
The girl who got interrupted
glass castle
Home again
Kindergarten Police Officer
The last fighter
Autumn legends
Lemony Snicket’s Accident Series
Leon: professional
paranormal activity
Peter Pan (2003)
pitch perfect
rainbow highseason 3
Rugratsseasons 1-2
The Smurfsseason 1
Starship Troopers
steel magnolias
Tale of Despero
This is the end
wedding date
Young Victoria

Love Village – Netflix series
Tailor – Netflix series

Jewish matchmaking – Netflix series
The Great British Cooking Show: JuniorsSeason 7 – Netflix Series

arctic dogs
family of larvae – Netflix family
Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story – Netflix series
Sanctuaries – Netflix series

A man named Otto

Justice Leagueseasons 1-2
Justice League: No Limitsseasons 1-2
Spirit RangersSeason 2 – Netflix Family

Documentary now!season 4
Hannah Gadsby Something Special – Netflix comedy

dance brothers – Netflix series
Missing Persons: Dead or Alive? – Netflix Documentary
Queen Cleopatra – Netflix Documentary

RoyalteenPrincess Margrethe – Netflix movie
Saint Vincent
UltramanSeason 3 – Anime Netflix

Black Knight – Netflix series
Call me Kate
Mother – Netflix movie
retake – Netflix series
strange eyeSeason 7 – Netflix series


Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me – Netflix Documentary

Yours sincerely – Netflix movie
fanfic – Netflix movie
La Reina del Surseason 3
MACGREGOR FOREVER – Netflix Documentary
Rhythm + flow FranceSeason 2 – Netflix Series
Work: what do we do all day – Netflix Documentary

Kitty Katz – Netflix family
HO, Kitty – Netflix series
Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune – Netflix series

Asterix and Obelix: Celestial – Netflix movie
Catal – Jackfruit Mystery – Netflix movie
muted – Netflix series
Sale SunsetSeason 6 – Netflix series
Young, famous and AfricansSeason 2 – Netflix Series

Batmanseasons 1-5
Boss Baby
Creature Cases: Chapter 3 – Netflix Family

All Americanseason 5
MerPeople – Netflix Documentary
Victim/Suspect – Netflix Documentary
Wanda Sykes: I’m an artist – Netflix comedy

strong feelings – Netflix movie
Mothers Day – Netflix movie
Rhythm + flow FranceSeason 2 – Netflix Series (new episodes)
Ultimatum: strange love – Netflix series

FUBAR – Netflix series

Barbecue showdownSeason 2 – Netflix Series
Blood and gold – Netflix movie
dirty grandpa
Tin and Tina – Netflix movie
turning of the tide – Netflix series

I think you should go with Tim RobinsonSeason 3 – Netflix Comedy

heartSeason 15
Erri mixing – Netflix movie

For more information on the best movies and TV shows available on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, hulu, and Showtime, check out Vulture’s What to stream nowwhich is updated every month.

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The battle over the late Johnny Winter’s music will play out in court



HARTFORD, Connecticut. — Nearly nine years after Johnny Winter’s death, there is a court battle for control of the legendary blues guitarist’s music, with allegations of theft and greed flying back and forth.

The legal battle pits Winter’s former personal manager and bandmate Paul Nelson and the family of the bluesman’s late wife Susan, who died in 2019.

Winter’s relatives say that Nelson and his wife wrongfully took over $1.5 million from Winter’s music business, including the auctioning off of some of the late musician’s guitars.

Nelson and his wife countersued, claiming that Susan Winter’s siblings swooped in while she was recovering and dying of cancer and tricked her into giving them control of Winter’s music, depriving Nelson of his rights as the beneficiary of Susan Winter’s estate.

The case was due to go to a Connecticut court in April, but was pushed back to September.

At stake is ownership of Winter’s music catalog, the proceeds from the sale of records and merchandise, and the right to authorize any commercial use of his songs, for an unknown value.

“The point is to preserve the legacy of Johnny Winter, and to justify and ensure that the Nelsons do not illegally take the money rightfully owed to the plaintiffs,” said Timothy Dimand, attorney for the Susan Winter siblings, Bonnie and Christopher Warford.

Nelson wants to be re-appointed as the beneficiary of Susan Winter’s estate.

“Plaintiffs orchestrated the wrongful termination of Paul Nelson during a difficult time in the last year of Susan Winter’s life,” the Nelsons said in a statement released by their lawyer, Matthew Mason. They said it was clear that both Johnny and Susan Winter wanted Nelson to be in charge of Johnny Winter’s music and legacy.

John Dawson Winter III was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. He burst onto the global blues scene in the 1960s, dazzling crowds with his fast-paced catchphrases, his trademark long white hair blowing out from under a cowboy hat. He and his brother Edgar – both born with albinism – were both established musicians.

Winter played Woodstock in 1969 and went on to release albums for blues icon Muddy Waters in addition to his own music. In 1988, he was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame.

Rolling Stone magazine named him number one in the world. 63rd Greatest Guitarist of All Time in 2015. He has released over two dozen albums and has been nominated for several Grammy Awards, winning his first award posthumously in 2015 for Best Blues Album for “Step Back”. Nelson produced the album and also won a Grammy for it.

Winter, who spent two decades living in Easton, Connecticut, struggled with heroin addiction for years before his death, and credits Nelson, whom he met in 1999, with helping him get off methadone, according to the 2014 documentary Johnny Winter : down”. & filthy.”

Before he got clean, bandmates and friends said they were concerned about his fragile appearance and speech problems. Nelson also credits himself with resurrecting Winter’s musical career.

Winters and the Nelsons became good friends. Paul Nelson played guitar in Johnny Winter’s band and began running his music company in 2005. Nelson’s wife, Marion Nelson, handled the bookkeeping for Winters and the music business, according to legal documents in the lawsuit.

Winter died at the age of 70 on July 16, 2014 in a hotel room near Zurich, Switzerland while on tour. Susan Winter and Paul Nelson said the cause of death was probably emphysema.

Susan Winter was the sole beneficiary of her husband’s estate, which she placed in trust at the end of 2016. She named herself the sole trustee of the trust and Nelson as the successor trustee, meaning that he would inherit the rights to Johnny Winter’s music upon her death.

But in June 2019, four months before her death from lung cancer, Susan Winter removed Nelson as her successor and replaced him with a sister and brother.

In their lawsuit, the Nelsons allege that Bonnie and Christopher Warford gained control by lying to their sister, mistakenly telling her that the Nelsons were mismanaging the music business and her affairs.

The Warford lawsuit accuses the Nelsons of misappropriating more than $1.5 million from Winter’s business “under the guise of royalties, commissions, refunds, fees, social media expenses, and other mechanisms, while confusing and misrepresenting these transactions to Susan. Winter.

They also accused the Nelsons of taking three of Winter’s guitars totaling about $300,000 and selling them at auction without permission. The Nelsons deny the allegations.

“In short, this is a classic case of a manager taking advantage of a client artist and worse, the artist’s surviving family,” Dimand wrote in the lawsuit.

It is not clear why Edgar Winter, a famous musician in his own right, did not handle his brother’s estate after his death. Edgar Winter and his representatives did not return phone calls or emails asking for comment.

The Warfords’ lawsuit is similar to the one Winters filed against Johnny Winter’s former manager Teddy Slatus for alleged financial improprieties around 2005. Slatus died at the end of 2005. It is unclear what happened to the lawsuit.

“Johnny and Susan have been in litigation all their lives and still can’t rest in peace,” said Mary Lou Sullivan, who wrote a biography titled Raisin Cane: The Wild and Raisinal Story of Johnny Winter, published in 2010.

Both the Warfords of Charlotte, North Carolina and the Nelsons of Weston, Conn., declined interview requests provided by the Associated Press.

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The Daily Show reports that Chelsea Handler, Leslie Jones and John Leguizamo will be guest hosts




The end of an era is nearing on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, and the network has announced at least the first phase of plans for what’s to come.

Following the imminent departure of longtime host Trevor Noah this week, the network reported that comedy legends including Al Franken, Chelsea Handler, D.L. host of the late night show starting on Tuesday, January 17 as part of his “next chapter”.

Comedy Central added that ‘Daily Show’ correspondents and contestants are also “ready to attend, with additional details to be announced later.”

“Moving on to Trevor’s final week, we want to thank him for his many contributions,” Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Paramount Media Networks, said in a statement from the network.

Trevor has reimagined the show like Jon Stewart before him, and looking to the future, we’re thrilled to be reimagining it once again with the help of this incredible roster of talent and correspondents, as well as the incredibly talented Daily Show team. ”

Noah’s last show will air this Thursday. The network has not yet announced whether the guest hosts will rotate indefinitely or if a permanent single host will be named soon.

The Daily Show airs weekdays at 11:00 pm ET/PT on Comedy Central and is available the next morning on Paramount+.

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