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66ers Doc Rivers says Draymond Green shouldn’t have been suspended, Joel Embiid defends



Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers defended star player Joel Embiid on Friday and said Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green should not have been suspended when the Sixers were leading 3-0 in the playoff series.

Embiid what rough 1 foul counted in Game 3, Philadelphia won against the Brooklyn Nets after kicking Nets center Nick Clacton, who was standing over Embiid and received a technical foul.

Joel Embiid, No. 21 of the Philadelphia 76ers, reacts to referee Nick Buchert, No. 3, against the Brooklyn Nets during the first half of Game 3 of the Eastern Conference First Round playoffs at the Barclays Center on April 20, 2023 in the Brooklyn area . New York. (Photo by Sarah Steer/Getty Images)

On Friday, Rivers told reporters the NBA needs to do something about players trying to push stars to retaliate.


“I’m going to say it, and I probably shouldn’t: I didn’t think Draymond [Green] should have been suspended,” Rivers said Friday, according to ESPN. “And I think the league is setting a very dangerous precedent right now and this is not my campaign and I am completely serious. . . . If we start punishing the avengers instead of the instigators, then we’re in trouble in this league.”

Greene was suspended by the league for Game 3 series “Golden State” against the Kings after stepping on the chest of Domantas Sabonis in the fourth quarter of game 2.

Draymond Green after stepping on Sabonis

Draymond Green, No. 23 of the Golden State Warriors, steps over No. 10 Domantas Sabonis of the Sacramento Kings in the second half during Game 2 of the Western Conference First Round playoffs at the Golden 1 Center on April 17, 2023 in Sacramento. California. Green received a flagrant foul 2 in the game and was ejected from the game. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Green trampled on Sabonis after Royal Striker grabbed Green by the leg as he tried to run back to the court.


Rivers said that players need to be protected from being attacked by opponents during games.

“I was a player and it’s a league of players and I’m 100% a loser,” Rivers said. “I think players should play games. We’ve been talking all year about the fans not being happy with the guys not playing, and now we’re taking them out of the playoffs. I don’t believe in the past either. “Your techniques are at the end of the season, right? And you start over. Then you should start with that too… Draymond Green stepped on the guy’s chest as he held his leg. The instigator was holding his leg.”


In the NBA playoffs when a player accumulates four egregious foulsthe league automatically suspends play for one game.

Doc Rivers yells at his playoff team

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers reacts during a game against the Brooklyn Nets in the first half of Game 3 of the Eastern Conference First Round playoffs at the Barclays Center on April 20, 2023 in New York’s Brooklyn borough. (Sarah Bull/Getty Images)

“If I’m in the park and I’m going to point it out and you’re standing over me? We will have problems. I didn’t grow up in the stick and stone era, I grew up in the bone breaking era, so it’s a little different,” Rivers said, according to ESPN. “Having said that, these guys know they can do it, because there is most likely nothing you can do. I’m not picking on Claxton, but I don’t think he’s standing over Joel in the park. got the referee and everyone else, you know nothing’s going to happen.”

Claxton was later ruled out of the game after receiving a technical foul in the fourth quarter for taunting Embiid.

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Texas Coach Steve Sarkeesian Reveals How Much Arch Manning Made From NIL



Even before announcing his decision to go to college, Arch Manning had an inside track of making big NIL deals that could quickly make him one of the highest paid college athletes. But as Texas coach Steve Sarkeesian revealed on Wednesday, the much-touted freshman quarterback actually made a fortune. far less than he could get at the request of his famous family.

With Manning one of the top recruits in the class of 2023, who is currently due to support Quinn Euvers, Sarkeesian turned to chatter about how much Manning has made with NIL money so far. As it turns out, Manning has made exactly “zero” NIL deals so far, according to Sarkeesian, because his grandfather Archie wanted the 17-year-old to wait until he was a starter.

“The beauty of it for us, its zero cost – whatever it is – his grandfather won’t let him take any zero money,” Sargsyan said Wednesday via Athletic. “He said, ‘You can take the money when you become a player and start.’

With that in mind, Sarkeesian took the time to clear up rumors that Manning chose Texas because of any ongoing or potential NIL deals. According to On3.comManning boasts an estimated net worth of over $3 million.

“Everyone is under the assumption that his admission to the University of Texas was a zero deal. Absolutely not,” Sargsyan added.

Considering the fact that Manning boasts a last name that predates him in terms of football heritage, he will likely have no shortage of suitors when it comes time to make zero decisions.

In the meantime, Manning will continue to attract a lot of attention as he continues to prepare for his first college season. And by the looks of it, the excitement among Longhorns fans is already in full swing following Manning’s debut in the spring Orange-White game earlier this month.

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‘I’m not a savior’: Aaron Rodgers makes first appearance as Jets quarterback | Aaron Rogers



Aaron Rodgers was in high spirits during his first press conference with the New York Jets, though the 39-year-old initially said he was solely focused on a successful 2023 NFL season.

He later added, “I’m not here to be a savior.”

Before he decided he wanted to join the Jets, Rodgers said he was “90% retired”. The Jets got Rodgers, 15th overall and fifth round this year, from the Green Bay Packers. In return, Green Bay received a 13th overall, a second round player, a sixth round player and a conditional 2024 second round pick who could become a first round player if Rodgers plays 65% of New York’s offensive snaps this season. . This creates a scenario where the Jets could be left without Rodgers and a first-round pick in 2024 if he chooses to retire at the end of the season. He totaled $15.8 million against the Jets’ salary cap in 2023 and $32.5 million in 2024.

However, in a conversation with reporters after the press conference, Rodgers seemed more confident that he would play more than one season in New York. “It’s not one, and I did it in my head,” the quarterback said, admitting the Jets sacrificed a lot in the deal to acquire him.

Rodgers spent his first 18 seasons in Green Bay helping the Packers win one Super Bowl, establishing himself as one of the game’s greatest quarterbacks.

“This chapter has come to an end, and I’m excited for a new adventure here in New York,” Rogers said.

Rodgers said he chose the Jets because he believes in the direction the franchise is headed with a young core of players including Offensive Rookie of the Year Garrett Wilson and Defensive Rookie of the Year Sauce Gardner.

“I’m an old guy so I want to be in a place where everything can be won and I believe we can do it here,” he said.

Rogers is aware of the Jets’ playoff drought, which is the longest active drift in the NFL in 12 seasons. He also knows that the team hasn’t been to the Super Bowl since Joe Namath took them there in 1969.

“This Super Bowl III trophy looks a bit lonely,” Rodgers said.

Rogers arrived at the site Wednesday morning in sunglasses and a black Jets hoodie. He was greeted one by one by owner Woody Johnson, vice chairman Christopher Johnson, Saleh, who gave the quarterback a loud high five and hug, team president Hymie Elhai, offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, and general manager Joe Douglas.

“It was the Jets, and only the Jets for me,” Rodgers said after the opening press conference.

He spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon preparing to join the Big Apple.

“This is a happy day,” said Woody Johnson.

As the terms of the deal were announced, the aircraft jumped from underdogs to sixth favorite to win the Super Bowl. Rodgers represents a major improvement over Zach Wilson, the former second overall pick of the Jets, who has struggled a lot since being drafted in 2021. Douglas said he believed Rodgers would make Wilson a better player.

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Best NFL Draft of All Time: Top 5 in every place, 1-32 ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft.



2023 NFL Draft is finally here, and his arrival has brought a flurry of new drama around the world. NFL. We’ll finally know how the first round plays out in less than a week, but in the meantime we look back at the top five picks of all time in each position, 1-32.

Here at CBS Sports, we’ll provide you with everything you need to prepare for the 2023 draft. Whether it be countless layouts (including NFL Insider Jonathan Jones CBS Sports Draft Layout, our consensus layoutAnd Seven rounds by Ryan Wilson), an updated lead rating, or rumors about which teams are eyeing potential first-round players, it shouldn’t hurt you to read something. However, in the spirit of the upcoming rookie class, we decided to review history and determine the best of the best that appeared in the draft.

Below you’ll find our look at the top five picks of all time in each first round slot, starting with No. 32 up to No. 1 with a link to a more detailed description of each number.

Note. Included are some picks that were not originally selected in the first round as the NFL has expanded since the draft began in 1936. For example, the 32nd overall pick was considered a second round pick until 2002.

No. 32

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Drew Brees
No. 2:
Bob “Geek” St. Clair
No. 3:
Logan Mankins
No. 4:
Lamar Jackson
No. 5:
Benjamin Watson

No. 31

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Cameron Hayward
No. 2:
Kerley Culp
No. 3:
Tommy McDonald
No. 4:
Travis Frederick
No. 5:
Greg Olsen

No. thirty

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Sam Huff
No. 2:
Reggie Wayne
No. 3:
Eric Allen
No. 4:
Keith Bullack
No. 5:
TJ Watts

No. 29

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Frank Tarkenton
No. 2:
Steve Wisniewski
No. 3:
Nick Mangold
No. 4:
Dave Wilcox
No. 5:

No. 28

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Derrick Brooks
No. 2:
Darrell Green
No. 3:
Joe Staley
No. 4:
Mark Ingram
No. 5:
Trevor Price

No. 27

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Dan Marino
No. 2:
Roddy White
No. 3:
Devin McCourty
No. 4:
De Andre Hopkins
No. 5:
De Angelo Williams

No. 26

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Ray Lewis
No. 2: Alan Faneka
No. 3: Joe Delamielier
No. 4: Clay Matthews
No. 5: David Brown

No. 25

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Ted Washington
No. 2: Stanley Morgan
No. 3: Donta Hightower
No. 4: John Beeson
No. 5: Santonio Holmes

No. 24

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Aaron Rogers
No. 2: Ed Reid
No. 3: Dec Bryant
No. 4: Calvin Hill
No. 5: Cameron Jordan

No. 23

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Tai Low
No. 2: Ozzy Newsom
No. 3: Bill George
No. 4: Ray Guy
No. 5: Bruce Armstrong

No. 22

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Andre Reason
No. 2: Harris Barton
No. 3: Justin Jefferson
No. 4: Jack Reynolds
No. 5: Demarius Thomas

No. 21

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Randy Moss
No. 2: Lynn Swann
No. 3: Vince Wilfork
No. 4: Chandler Jones
No. 5: Alex Mak

No. 20

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Jack Youngblood
No. 2: Forrest Gregg
No. 3: Maxi Bogan
No. 4: Steve Atwater
No. 5: Bill Brown

No. 19

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Marvin Harrison
No. 2: Randall McDaniel
No. 3: Roger Werley
No. 4: Joey Browner
No. 5: Sean Alexander

No. 18

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Art Monk
No. 2: Paul Krause
No. 3: Frank “Boiser” Kinard
No. 4: John HenryJohnson
No. 5: Maurice Pouncey

No. 17

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Emmitt Smith
No. 2: Mel Renfro
No. 3: Gene Upshaw
No. 4: Steve Hutchinson
No. 5: Louis Wright

No. 16

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Jerry Rice
No. 2: Troy Polamalu
No. 3: Zach Martin
No. 4: Raymond Claiborne
No. 5: Jevon Kears

No. 15

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Alan Page
No. 2: Jim Taylor
No. 3: DennisSmith
No. 4: Derrick Johnson
No. 5: Delta O’Neill

No. 14

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Jim Kelly
No. 2: Gino Marchetti
No. 3: Darrel Revis
No. 4: David Robinson
No. 5: Randy Gradishar

No. 13

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Aaron Donald
No. 2: Bob Lily
No. 3: Tony Gonzalez
No. 4: Franco Harris
No. 5: Mike Kenn

No. 12

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Herb Adderley
No. 2: Warren Sapp
No. 3: Clay Matthews Jr.
No. 4: Haloti Ngata
No. 5: Marshall Lynch

No. eleven

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Frank Gifford
No. 2: Ben Roethlisberger
No. 3: Paul Warfield
No. 4: Michael Irwin
No. 5: Jay Jay Watts

No. 10

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Marcus Allen
No. 2: Rod Woodson
No. 3: Terrell Suggs
No. 4: Patrick Mahomes
No. 5: Jerome Bettis

No. 9

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Bruce Matthews
No. 2: Dick Butkus
No. 3: Luke Kutchli
No. 4: Brian Urlacher
No. 5: Lenny Moore

No. 8th

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Ronnie Lott
No. 2: Lance Alworth
No. 3: Jim Parker
No. 4: Willie Roaf
No. 5: Larry Chonka

No. 7

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Adrian Peterson
No. 2: Clyde Douglas “Bulldog” Turner
No. 3: Champ Bailey
No. 4: Sterling Sharp
No. 5: Chuck Hawley

No. 6

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Jim Brown
No. 2: Sammy Bogue
No. 3: Walter Jones
No. 4: Jimmie Johnson
No. 5: John Riggins

No. 5

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Deion Sanders
No. 2: Junior Sea
No. 3: LaDanian Tomlinson
No. 4: Mike Haynes
No. 5: Steve Van Buren

No. 4

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Walter Payton
No. 2:
John Hanna
No. 3:
Joe Green
No. 4:
Otto Graham
No. 5:
Charles Woodson

No. 3

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Barry Sanders
No. 2:
Anthony Munoz
No. 3:
Larry Fitzgerald
No. 4:
Merlin Olsen
No. 5:
Joe Thomas

No. 2

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Laurence Taylor
No. 2:
Julius Peppers
No. 3:
Sid Lachman
No. 4:
Randy White
No. 5:
Marshal Faulk

No. 1

Top 5 of all time:

No. 1: Peyton Manning
No. 2:
John Elway
No. 3:
No. 4:
Terry Bradshaw
No. 5:
Chuck Bednarik

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